CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
Hello there! Yes it's me again, that annoying guy that used to spam your notifications with forum threads :)

I'm writing today, because around this time last year we started one of them fancy permanent google hangouts.

During this one year we had our ups and downs, had lots of laughs, lots of great memories, but most importantly we built some awesome friendships and helped each other in the great quest for improvement.

What? You want some of that? Then GET SOME here:

I see a lot of new members of CAS since the last time me or any of the others posted about the hangouts so I thought I can share this with yall. The old dawgs usually hang out during the night, but feel free to get in at any time and meet either us or some of your fellow new members of the CAS community. The link is open 24/7.

Lastly, let me extend a personal invitation for you to listen to this great inspiration:

Have a nice day! Peace!

RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
It was a great year!!! Onwards towards the next year I'd say! <3
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
Hey btw that reminds me, do the google hangouts threads increase yearly cost for the site? If yes, then why not delete them all hmm? We don't need all these dead threads anyways now, they were more like announcements, rather than forum threads.
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
No idea, but my guess is that they dont. In any case we can remove them easily if it's needed.
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
Well I thought that every post, thread, image or whatever increases the costs for the server. And there are quite a few dead ones which aren't needed...
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
Nope, the hangouts are completely separate from CAS and hosted by Google :)
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
No no Joris I was talking about the threads we created to announce the Hangouts.
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
Ow! Well, the posts are very minimal in data.. and we deliberately did not implement an image upload feature for the forums, so those are all hosted by Imgur and comparable sites.
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
Still.. the posts are dead now. Delete them if you wish.. they are around 120, I think. The small stones move the big rock, yes? If every dead post is removed... space could be saved.
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
true, but I think all the posts combined still don't make one full image of a single CAS piece ;)
RE: CAS Hangouts Year 2 Edition
Really? Oh ok.. cool. So.. starting threads isn't that costly? Hmm.. then maybe I'll start a contest thread. I was about to give up on that cuz I thought of the server costs again.. we'll see. Cool.
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