Inktober2014 on CAS?
Inktober2014 on CAS?
So, is anyone else familiar with Jake Parker's Inktober project?
If not, go check it out at, I think it's a great idea!

It's basically a challenge where you 'have' to doodle a traditional drawing (preferably with ink) for every day in October and I was wondering if anyone else here would probably take part in it, if so we could probably start a new thread for that.
Or maybe y'all say that's nonsense because CAS is more for digital art, but whatevs.
Else I'll upload my scribbles in my sketchbook then. I mean, it's a nice practice and getting back to pen and paper every now and then won't hurt! :D

Have a nice day everyone!
RE: Inktober2014 on CAS?
Wow that sounds like a great idea ! We encourage it! Btw, CAS is mainly set up for Concept Art, but that doesn't mean only digital art is allowed! It's about communicating your "concept" through "art", so it could be a clay sculpture, matte painting, sketch lines, digital painting, Maya scene, Z-brush sculpture.. whatever you feel more comfortable with and/or want to get better at :D
RE: Inktober2014 on CAS?
I'm game. gonna do a Inktober thread thingy in my CAS sketchbook I think. Time to test out my new inking gear.
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