Can I get this up?
Can I get this up?
I was doing a 1h environment session with tags Orb and Lively. When 1 minute was left I started uploading and couldn't upload the image for that time (guess my net sucks really hard). Can I still get the piece up somehow?

RE: Can I get this up?
Thank you for being honest! It sucks, we know it does.. but rules are rules! We've intentionally added the extra 5 minutes to upload the work, this does not mean 4 minutes of extra painting (and we also know how tempting that is!).

We are thinking about adding a feature to still upload work that has passed the deadline, but won't be likable so it does not compete in the Best of the Week challenge. This idea is still in its concept-phase so it won't be online in the near future.

The best thing to do is to upload it to your Sketchbook and remember everyone to upload their work in time, or else!
RE: Can I get this up?
Hah you're right. Oh well, will paint another one next month then xD
RE: Can I get this up?
:D Awesome !
RE: Can I get this up?
nice comp , nice colours
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