Warnings in the header
Warnings in the header
Um. Not sure if it\\\'s impacting on my ability to use the site or not, it is a bit annoying though. Only occurs on my school computer, using Firefox 29.0.1.
Heres a pic.
RE: Warnings in the header
Hi, thank you for notifying! I\'ll put this in our to-fix list, high up there! Btw, I removed your duplicate \"Warnings in the header\" thread ;)
RE: Warnings in the header
Sorry about that, it told me It couldn\'t post, then promptly logged me out before not allowing me to log back in. Whoops?
Still works fine at home, though, same browser, same version. Thanks!
RE: Warnings in the header
probably has to do with the same issue as the header error.. Are the header errors also not showing at home?
RE: Warnings in the header
There are no issues at home, not even the header errors.
RE: Warnings in the header
Alrighty, still gonna check those initial errors ;)
RE: Warnings in the header
That\'d be awesome! I\'m at school most of the time I\'m awake these days, and I was planning on incorporating CAS into my warmup sessions, so it\'d be super if you could find a way to fix it up again. ;)
RE: Warnings in the header
Hey, it's fixed! Hurrah!
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