Can't Save Images
Can't Save Images
Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug or something. But from some time I've been trying to save images from CAS and I cannot. When I right click on an image there is no Save as, or open and such. I can only save the url, which.. isn't really helpful. Is this intended to be like that?
RE: Can't Save Images
hmm, go to the bottom of the image, and there will popup a black box, at the right corner of there's DOWNLOAD. if you click on it, you should get the png then :D
RE: Can't Save Images
Stinkyfish is correct, to download an image you need to hover the image and on the bottom right there will be a "download" link that should download the piece in its highest resolution.
RE: Can't Save Images
Oo I see. Didn't know that. My bad, sorry for disturbing you. I will delete this thread after 1 day or so then.
RE: Can't Save Images
No please leave it ;) So other people with the same issue will know. I do agree with you that it's more intuitive to just rightclick, but the current system doesn't allow that.
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