Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
someone had trouble loading at all running on it I/E. firefox had no problems.
RE: Internet Explorer
Yes, IIRC this site has issues with versions lower than IE11. At least I'm certain I had them in IE9, too. Maybe try updating if possible.

Also @Joris, the other versions of this topic (I/E) are funky because of the / in the title. Removing the / in the url makes the page load properly.
RE: Internet Explorer
Don't use IE. sorry. It's the worst thing ever.
RE: Internet Explorer
It used to be. But it has gotten a lot better since Microsoft started feeling the competition from Firefox, and later Chrome. The latest versions are decent.

But I think it's funny how of the popular browsers for Windows IE is the one with the most simplistic layout. Shows they know their biggest target audience: people that are not tech savvy. :P
RE: Internet Explorer
We've added the slash (/) support to our to-do list! Thanks Raizin for pointing it out.

Yes we currently are lacking in supporting IE. Sometimes we do a big shift in trying to make everything work again, but trying to make everything work on every update brings a lot of overhead that reduces the ability to bring new features and content. Someday soon we'll take a look again to try and make it work!

But for now it's best to view the site in Google Chrome, that's our "main" development platform!
RE: Internet Explorer
maybe put it up somewhere clear and easy to see that the website is best viewed in chrome.
RE: Internet Explorer
That's a good idea, we've added it to the to-do list!
RE: Internet Explorer
Can you tell us what I/E version had trouble loading the page? We've currently fixed a bug where the site wouldn't load dynamic content when accessed via a www. url, where it did work via a http:// url. This might have caused the problem.
RE: Internet Explorer
I know I had the problem in IE9. IIRC in IE10 too.
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