Can't see likes
Can't see likes
Hey there, I'm running into the same problem Lewis posted about here a few months ago where I'm getting notifications for Likes on my art, but I can't see them when I go the the picture in my gallery. I didn't see a resolution in his thread, so I'm wondering if this ever got fixed?

If it helps, I'm using Chrome/Windows 8.1, and F5ing doesn't help the issue.

EDIT: Also can't see other likes on other people's art :/
RE: Can't see likes
Thanks for posting! This is a tricky one.. I've fixed a small bug in the account settings page, which might be what's causing this. Can you check it again? If it doesn't work.. can you maybe try to logout and login again?
RE: Can't see likes
Hm nope :c Logging didn't made a difference.
RE: Can't see likes
Hm, I've logged in to your account but was not able to reproduce your issue.. on my screen all likes were still visible and intractable. Also Windows 8.1 using Chrome here. Could you maybe try and use Firefox or another web browser to check if it works there? That can help me isolate the problem.
RE: Can't see likes
Btw.. don't worry about your password, I have no access to it. I've just hacked with the login-tokens a bit to log in to your account ;)
RE: Can't see likes
Weird, it's working fine in all the other browsers except for Chrome. IE, Waterfox, Firefox are all displaying it the way it should be. What the heck, Chrome, get it together!
RE: Can't see likes
Well that does narrow it down a lot! Can you give me the chrome version you are using? You can use this site to check:
RE: Can't see likes
Sure thing, it says "41.0.2272.118". Also, thank you so much for looking into this! It's just a minor inconvenience, but I appreciate you taking the time <3
RE: Can't see likes
Ha, well, we're trying! Thanks for the version look-up, though that's the exact same version I am using. Did you try whether the likes show on another computer?
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