keep hanging on 100%
keep hanging on 100%
Hi everyone,

So I just finished my piece and as soon as I uploaded it, it kept hanging on 100%. So I thought it was already uploaded and I had to wait until the time was up. but after all it didn't and I made it for nothing. Is there still a way to show it in my gallery? the tags were Portal & Ruin.
RE: keep hanging on 100%
I second that, happened to me a few days ago as well.

Even before that a similar issue appeared where it sent me over to the main page when I hit "Upload" and several days later I found the piece in my gallery with "Gallery only" visibility, but this time it seems to have just not uploaded at all.

A minute of silence for all the innocent paitings that were not allowed to be uploaded. :<

Edit: Can't see your image as it is not set as "Public" on Facebook, better upload on or some similar page.
RE: keep hanging on 100%
*cries a bit* :'(
RE: keep hanging on 100%
Hey Jasmijn!

That's unfortunate.. could you send me the image via imgur? I will upload it manually on CAS with the according tags.

It could help to upload it in a smaller size (not sure of your current uploading size though). Of course, evidently this should be handled more delicately on the server.
RE: keep hanging on 100%
The file I tried to upload was 2480x3508 (A4 with a resolution of 300). I was previously working with a maximum of 2000 pixel canvases, but as I want to get some of my work printed I started using a bigger format recently.
RE: keep hanging on 100%
here you go
RE: keep hanging on 100%
Thanks for the image! Was the duration set to 1 hour?
RE: keep hanging on 100%
RE: keep hanging on 100%
but it took me 35 minutes xD
RE: keep hanging on 100%
Posted it ! Somehow the server can't handle images that are too big.. it needs some optimizations. Until then, uploading images with a max of 1280x1280 should be good!
RE: keep hanging on 100%
Thanks Joris! :D
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