Image is stretched on main page.
Image is stretched on main page.
I noticed with my latest piece that the image gets stretched beyond it's actual dimensions on the main page, while getting smaller (to it's original size) when full viewed. This seems unpractical as it makes the image on the main page look a bit fuzzy and low quality. Just letting you know!
RE: Image is stretched on main page.
Plz nerf image max height ^-^
RE: Image is stretched on main page.
I was thinking adding user settings for max height and width for both the feed and the piece viewer would be worth considering, but then I realized that would not be a great solution in terms of image quality unless you load a considerably larger version of all the images than is necessary. And that would affect bandwidth and loading times. But still, throwing it out there in case it gives you ideas.

Come and think of it, adjusting image size based on window size should be possible in CSS as well, right? You might be able to do stuff like if(windowSize > big && originalimage < ridiculouslyLarge) {show original image in feed instead of preview image} Although I guess that might present problems when you resize the window after loading the page.

RE: Image is stretched on main page.
This sounds like an error on the server's side when scaling and saving the feed png. We'll try to fix it in the upcoming update!
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