Upload hangs at 100%
Upload hangs at 100%
Just managed to complete a drawing, but when I uploaded it having 5 minutes remaining it just stayed at 100% but didn't actually upload, and then my time ran out :(
RE: Upload hangs at 100%
That sucks! I had the same issue, only mine stayed at 98%. But when I saved the file as png (was jpg) and halved the resolution it did upload correctly, maybe try that if it ever happens again?
RE: Upload hangs at 100%
thanks will give that a try :)
RE: Upload hangs at 100%
I ran into a similar issue, and shrinking the png from 3000 x 3000 pixels to 2000 x 2000 fixed it for me.
RE: Upload hangs at 100%
Ah man, that's unfortunate! When this happens it's most likely a server-side bug. In update 1.1.0 about (a month ago) we've increased the maximum size of uploaded images from 2048x2048 to 4096x4096, and also added feedback that shows when the file is too big. I'll review your error-log and check if I can reproduce it.. but for now you can send us the piece you've made within the time-limit at !
RE: Upload hangs at 100%
Thanks everyone, I did have my resolution on 300, and lowering to 150, was able to upload :)
RE: Upload hangs at 100%
ow then that might be it! Server-side only checks for resolution and filesize.. but I guess we have to check for resolution as well! Thank you for notifying!
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