Visual bugs when scrolling
Visual bugs when scrolling
Sometimes I'm getting strange visual glitches when scrolling on CAS, such as these:

I believe I have been having these ever since the update. But I'm also currently using a Mac (which I usually don't), so maybe it's a Mac problem that already existed, but I just didn't notice yet. I'm running Chrome version 34 on OS X version 10.6.8 (it's an old Mac that can't update to OS X 10.7 or higher), in case it matters.

The glitchy visuals disappear with pretty much any way of making the computer redraw the visuals, such as scrolling the area out of screen and back, switching tabs and back, or resizing the window.
RE: Visual bugs when scrolling
hmmm.. I don't have this problem.. it looks pretty weird, but sometimes i have the same in PhotoShop... mabey it's just loading very slow. Succes with it!
RE: Visual bugs when scrolling
Thanks for notifying! We'll add this to our list, will start up the mac soon to check why this is happening!
RE: Visual bugs when scrolling
Hmm, that's odd. I'm not having this problem anymore. Maybe it was just a temporary problem with the software or graphics card? I was only having this problem on CAS, but that may be because the site is heavy clientside. [/purespeculation]
RE: Visual bugs when scrolling
Could be, thanks for checking. We'll leave it on our to-do list anyway to check!
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