Improved SearchBar
Improved SearchBar
when in the hangouts Artfx9 made an awesome paintover, and i wanted to see the original. so i used the searchtool and typed in "art" and the results where actually more users with no followers and no pieces, so i would suggest to set the person with the most pieces and/or followers all above in the list! thanks!
RE: Improved SearchBar
Ordering the results by users with the most finished sessions sounds like a good idea! We'll add it to the to-do list!
RE: Improved SearchBar
yup thanks!
RE: Improved SearchBar
Maybe also prioritize users that start with the search string rather than all that include it. For example, when typing "st" there's a higher chance I am searching for Stinkyfish than Lynyster.

But on the other hand, I might be searching for ThomasStoop and I just forgot the first part of his name. So I guess it depends whether you mainly want to make it easier for people that already know the (start of) name of the person they are searching, or for people that remember part of the name that is not necessarily the first few letters.
RE: Improved SearchBar
that's right raizin
RE: Improved SearchBar
We like your idea Raizin! We'll make it so that it shows users with the correct prefix first, and orders those results by piece-count!
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