Update 1.13.0: Saving up Space
Update 1.13.0: Saving up Space
Hi guys, long time no see!

It is payday upcoming week for another year of Concept Art Sessions. For this year we've decided to back away from our current pricey private server and move back to a more standard domain hosting platform.

These hosting platforms require us to reduce the amount of disk space that we're using. We hate to throw away pieces from the site so instead we've converted all pieces from png to jpg. A minor loss in quality but no loss in history!

We hope you guys have a wonderful new year of Concept Art Sessions!

Please let us know what you think of the changes!

Joris & Isabella, The CAS team

Bugs Fixed:
  • Made sure the initial session starter is positioned above its joined sessions
  • Fixed an issue where no more than 1 Active Session could be added per update
  • Made sure the order of joined sessions is based on when users joined
  • Fixed a trailing comma in the popup pieces
  • Fixed a visual issue where the comment text content was one pixel too wide
  • Fixed issue in username title on popup pieces where a horizontal scrollbar would appear

  • Stopped storing high res uploads
  • Converted and started storing all images in jpg format instead of png
  • Made it so the back-to-top button instantly travels page to top
  • Made it so only pieces within last year can be in the popular feed
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