CAS Demo at Indievelopment 2014 - Review!
CAS Demo at Indievelopment 2014 - Review!
Indievelopment was a big success! We gave a presentation on stage during the lunch with a live demo of a Concept Art Session done by Ilse Gort. We had some problems with the internet at start, but it was fixed soon enough and eventually it went very well! The session's result looks really awesome!

We've talked to a lot of nice people and received some great reactions and a lot of new ideas for the future! Big thanks to Alessandra Vano, Juney Dijkstra and Emiel Kampen for giving us the oppertunity to be there! Here are some pictures of the event:

RE: CAS Demo at Indievelopment 2014 - Review!
It was really awesome to see that you guys came up with this media!
mabye a mobile app as next step? just for the hand drawn suff ;)

Keep up the great work and I'll be making an attempt of creating something awesome bye the end of this week!
RE: CAS Demo at Indievelopment 2014 - Review!
Thank you! Yes an app is on our list, but not high up there at the moment. You can find a big list of features we're planning to add here:
Global Feature List 1.0

Let us know what you think!
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