Update 1.4.0: Rendered Piece
Update 1.4.0: Rendered Piece
Hi all!

We noticed you guys are using paintovers to improve your own work to a worthy portfolio piece. We believe that this is one of the best ways to learn and improve. That’s why in this update, we’re introducing Rendered Piece!

When viewing a session you’ve done, you can now click on the “Upload rendered piece” section to add a Rendered Piece much like how Paintovers work. Rendered Pieces can only be uploaded by the author and are highlighted more than normal Paintovers. Posting the first Rendered Piece on a piece will make it reappear up in the most recent feed!

Also, we’ve removed and added some forums. There is now a dedicated forum for Google Hangouts!

Be sure to like and share our Facebook page and check out the CAS videos on our YouTube Channel!

We hope you like it! Be sure to upload your finished versions of pieces you’ve made on CAS!

New Features:
  • Rendered Piece
  • Social buttons below the right menu

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed a visual bug where the original piece flickered when switching between two paintovers
  • Inserted HTML tags are now swiped from comments and descriptions

  • Increased padding and contrast around comments
  • When switching to a Paintover, it now swaps the duration icon with a PO icon
  • Removed Forums: “Grammar or Spelling Errors” and “Software & Hardware”
  • Changed Forum “Art Discussions” to “General Discussion”
  • Added Forum “Google Hangouts”
RE: Update 1.4.0: Rendered Piece
RE: Update 1.4.0: Rendered Piece
RE: Update 1.4.0: Rendered Piece
Thank you :)
RE: Update 1.4.0: Rendered Piece
Sweetness, well done sir!
RE: Update 1.4.0: Rendered Piece
Thank you guys! But hey, half of all the credits goes to Bella ^^
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