Cant post images
Cant post images
Hi there.
i have a problem posting images. Both dropbox and Deviantart Links do not work. I see a broken image symbol when i click on "Preview"

RE: Cant post images
are you using the link of the image from tha address bar or right clicking on the image and "copy image link"? also, do you use the image brackets? "[ img ]your image link[/ img ]" no spaces..
RE: Cant post images
I could swear i tried with right click too. Good tip and thank you very much Artfx !
This trick works not for Dropbox, however.
RE: Cant post images
Works for me when I copy the link and surround it with the img tag! Could it be that your dropbox folder is set to private?
RE: Cant post images
ok, i'll see it but please take away the image, because i want to put it in my sketchbook.
RE: Cant post images
haha, you have been exposed prematurely!
RE: Cant post images
Ahh! Ahh ! :D
RE: Cant post images
Done! ;)
RE: Cant post images
Hmm. I would be happy to solve my Dropbox problem. I get always a broken image symbol. However, if i click on the image, my browser opens the image. To share an image i do a simple right-click on the image and choose share link. Isnt that the procedure to share an image??
RE: Cant post images
Yes that is because Dropbox doesn't load the actual image, but rather wraps it in a html page and checks whether you are authorized to view the image. I think you are better of uploading the image to until we have a upload system for the forums ^^
RE: Cant post images
ok, thanks.
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