The inconsistent Sketchbook!
The inconsistent Sketchbook!
Nice place we got here,

I'll try and give a good insight on the work i do so far. And hope i learn from you artists as well! Here is some old and recent work. My biggest problem so far is inconsistency.

RE: The inconsistent Sketchbook!
Hey man, great that you made a sketchbook. I see some pretty cool values here. You're definitely not afraid to use mids and lows which I like.

You said inconsistency. Do you mean inconsistency between imagination and study stuff, or rather from study to study?

I made a few observations on your portrait and I hope you don't mind me sharing them with you. I base this knowledge on a feedback from a selfportrait i did recently.

Keep in mind I'm no pro at this either, just hope to help :)

RE: The inconsistent Sketchbook!
Ah, yes the edge control. That jaw line softening makes a world of difference, i couldn't put my finger on it when i repainted it over and over.

You remind me to go back to hand drawing, line and edge control is definitely the thing to improve here. Thanks for this useful feedback, its quite appreciated!

Inconsistency in technique and decisions. But i guess that is what you only get through experience and decision making.

My approach to working is mostly working from reference and then follow up a non-reference work with the same subject. Interchanging intervals whilst doing so.

I'd be curious what your personal approach is :)

RE: The inconsistent Sketchbook!
Basically the same here man. I study and then apply to personal work. I try to work from real life as well sometimes.
RE: The inconsistent Sketchbook!
Some random drawing to stay fresh and original! If only i knew how to paint lol

RE: The inconsistent Sketchbook!
6 Hour study pfff, these things can kill you

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