The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
I've actually been drawing all my life, but I didn't get into digital drawing until late 2013. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Cintiq 13HD tablet, because I knew I wouldn't get where I wanted to be without it. I'm still learning my way around the tech and the software Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6, my preferred program. It doesn't have quite as many bells and whistles as Photoshop, but it's more comfortable in a lot of ways, and affordable enough to own legitimately!

I'll break this thread up into a couple posts, organized by type of art. First off, some fanart!

(Is there a faster way to do this than linking images from my deviantart, or any way to upload directly from my computer?)

RE: The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
These pics are all related to a barbarian fantasy comic my friend and I are working on. It's a long way from completion, but I try to work on the concepts when I can! I'm the only artist actively involved, after all - that, and I've never actually made a comic before. Once I put images to page, it will be one heck of a learning experience!

This first one was actually hand-drawn on a 2.5" x 3.5" bristol card. The rest are digital.

RE: The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
Lastly, some pin-ups and other random characters. I'm often torn between drawing fantasy stuff and drawing girls! This post may be considered PG-13, so don't tell your moms.

The following are my attempts to develop an OC, to act as a sort of mascot/general subject.

...and here's a jolly fat kid!

RE: The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
Lovely work! The characters have so much personality. :) We should definitely make it easier to post images on the forum in the future. I think it is on the feature list already. :) Thanks for letting us know.
RE: The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
Lovely designs! Just keep practicing with the digital workings, you'll get used to it more and more. Having experience with both traditional and digital painting is eventually a plus! :D
RE: The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
Thanks! I hope I didn't post too much.
RE: The Drawings of Jake "DonnyLurch" Stringer
Course not ^^. One of the reasons why we're not yet implementing upload functionality for the forums is so you can upload as many images as you like ;)
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