chukho (eat knowledge gain art)
chukho (eat knowledge gain art)
Helllloo. I'm a just guy who wants to get better at drawing, and do it for a living. I skimmed through a few sketchbooks here and I didn't see a lot of studies, rather mostly imaginative illustrations. I think showing studies can show improvement as well.

I think this website is a good idea, but these forums look kinda bare. Hopefully there's still people around who'll see this.

So I posted my most up to date studies and one portrait from imagination. So I'll try to post frequently as well. Critiques and suggestions are always welcome.

RE: chukho (eat knowledge gain art)
1 hour hand study
1 hour portrait study
30 minute imaginative illustration

So yesterday I tried doing studies from a book digitally. That kind of sucked so I went traditional and did them on good ol paper and mechanical pencil. Doing stuff on paper and pencil was very pleasant. Of course I still want to translate that stuff to digital painting. I did an old person portrait, which I don't do too much. Old people are hard to draw. Old people need to stop being wrinkly.

The short digital studies are meant for me to practice my brushstrokes, so I don't intend to finish these. The short imaginitive illustration was suppose to be me regurgitating the studies I just did, except it became an anime manga thing. Applied studies are harrrd. Also my hand studies look so much better when sized down.

RE: chukho (eat knowledge gain art)
1 hour hand study
1hour portrait study

The hands are, uh, hard. I kept making the hands and wrists wider than they actually were. The portrait is at the actual size, I just cropped out all the empty bits. You can see all my crappy blending. Still practicing doing as few strokes as I can and going about it slowly. No sketches because I'm lame.

RE: chukho (eat knowledge gain art)
1 hour hand study
1 hour fashion? study
2 (30 min) portrait

So some more Bridgman hands. Pretty much drawing everything from that book. I mentioned I had a few days of rsi pains, I was suggested to by a community member to try out the overhand method of holding a pencil. My initial impressions is that it is far more comfortable and allows for greater range of movement. The cons to the overhand method is that I can't really do small drawings, as in it feels that overhand is meant for a fairly large canvas (I draw on cheap 8.5x11 print paper mainly). Going to keep trying the overhand method out, I like it and I don't like rsi.

Tried figure/fashion study and failed really hard on that. Man those drawings are growing in size as you go. Trying to draw fashion stuff, because I never know what to put on a character when I draw from my mind. Usually it's a t-shirt, jeans, and something that looks like shoes.

Annnd back to the dungeon.

Last are two 30 minute portrait studies. I decided to cut that hour portrait study in half because I felt I was spending too long on small details. I'm trying it this way to force myself to concentrate on the important stuff and not the small details. I feel this way if I manage to get down the important general stuff that it'll still look fairly good even if I don't get to the more detailed stuff.

RE: chukho (eat knowledge gain art)
Morning stuff. Not much at all. The crappy sketch is for the daily sketch group. I didn't want to spend too much on it because it's only a sketch and all.

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I've been away for quite awhile. Spent the last day of 2014 and first day of 2015 at a relatives, which was nice and relaxing. I had some old sketchbook stuff I tried to show, but my camera couldn't really get a sharp image and it ended up being blurry. Based on my previous pencil sketches, is it even worth it to show those considering I don't put much thought and effort into them? I ask this because my sketches are very lacking and don't show much of anything. I probably should just post things I actually put effort into.

I bought a larger drawing pad (14x17in.) because I was tired of drawing on the dinky 8.5x11in printing paper. I like the larger pad so much better. I use to always draw small and never appreciated the larger canvas, but nowadays it's the opposite. So I did Bridgman hands on the large pad and it felt awesome, also very comfortable since I'm not confined to a small space.

The last few days after new years I spent finalizing an idea that I wanted to do. I created an intro and credit pics for a series called "I Want To Be An Artist" on Youtube, and I'm try to get it on Vimeo as well. Super generic and uninspiring title I know, but I decided to be straightforward with it. I did the intro and credit pics in Inkscape, so no painting stuff today. The series will basically be sped up videos of my painting process of studies and stuff with some commentary. I know I did this kind of thing before, but I since deleted the account due to not really using it. What I'm hoping to get out of this is showing people how I go about painting something, and maybe someone will be able to point out what I'm doing wrong or not as efficiently. Basically I'm still looking for more feedback on how to improve.

Here's the crappy intro. No actual drawing in this one. If you read the stuff above then you can skip it. I'ts more than 10 minutes long. 10 minutes of my voice. You don't want that.

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Ohhh man, those are some wide palms. So not much today, yesterday? I've stayed past midnight again. I did my studies late, and I only did hand studies and a single portrait. I did manage one page of hands from my mind, and that should be easy to tell which one that is. Did another video, but missed my deadline for it and found out it's messed up. Whoopee. The portrait was what I recorded. I'll just post it later today. I'm finding out doing videos takes a ton of time. Hopefully get faster at it without it eating all my time.

RE: chukho (eat knowledge gain art)
So today wasn't super productive at all. Only have hand studies to show, and one page of hands from my mind. Editing videos took a super long time because I ended up redoing the editing. Though I don't think it was for nothing because now I think I'll be faster at editing. I did do another portrait study, but I want to pair it up with the video I did of it for "i want to be an artist" and that's for tomorrow. That's kind of cheating, but I'll make up for it by doing more studies. Doing a study, recording it, editing it, producing it, and uploading it take an awful amount of time. I decided to do a study in advance for the days I make a video so things are more manageable.

Here's the episode 1 of my series that was suppose to up Monday, and this time I'm actually drawing something.

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sprodo Hey man thanks. I only did the videos because I wanted to find some way that would help me in getting better. If I stick to it, then I'll see if it helped at all. I haven't used google hangouts in super long, but it sounds cool and I want to try it out.

Guess what. More hand studies. And one page of fashion study that took about an hour, also super bad anatonmy. I seriously need to do some imaginary stuff but I always come up with scribbles that aren't anything. Maybe I need to reserve a day just to draw from my head.

Also another video. Yay.

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No studies today. A few 30 second gesture drawings and sketches. Some old sketches and some from today. Feeling super tired in the afternoons, like I'm going to pass out. I thought eating decently healthy stuff was going to keep me awake better. Just going to try to sleep not late. These sketches are really ugh.

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Oh boy more hands. Pretty much going to draw every single hand from that Bridgman book. And some 30 second gestures. Used the overhand method with the gestures and it became way more enjoyable. The gestures look horrible, but it was fun to do. And a imaginative drawing plus a video, but that's from yesterday so it doesn't count. Overall very little done.

Don't watch this if you value your eyes. You might not be able to see after viewing this!

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Some 30 second and 2 minute gesture drawings. Some hand studies and some from my mind. Started some Burne Hogarth. Did a short color study. All this from Saturday.:( Need to keep going. Also I made a another video, just click the link in my signature. Crimson Daggers forum is down.:( NOOO.

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Some 30 second gestures and two 5 minute gestures. I just want to see if I can get them to look better if I had more time. So far, not really any improvement with more time. I did a still life of what is suppose to be grapefruit I think, in about 2 hours.

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Raedrob Hey man thanks for your support. My arms have been pretty these past week or so, so I think I'm good for now. :) And I only got about halfway through the book that I was doing the hands studies from, but I definitely want to finish that book and then onto others.

Life study of a spoon with video process and commentary, more like rambling
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