Raizin's Doodle Caboodle ♪
Raizin's Doodle Caboodle ♪
As good a time as any to start a sketchbook thread, so here goes.

Here are some doodles I made while watching/listening to art-related videos on Youtube. Videos from Sinix and Sycra, if I remember right.

And these are more or less the same story, except less attention for the video and more for the drawing.

The Naruto fanart (grinning guy) was to challenge myself if I knew how to draw him without any references so long after reading/watching the series. I passed with flying colors, if I say so myself. (The rest are all completely my own design)
I am also noticing that with faces and hair I draw a lot from my massive anime visual library when I think about what I draw, while it looks a lot more cartoony if I do it impulsively.

Also, I spent two whole days learning myself the basics of Adobe Illustrator with the top left guy from the last sketch. Vector-based art is surprisingly fun!

It was a lot of work, but I'm quite happy with the result. It looks so clean and professional compared to my usual work! :D
Although in hindsight I should really have done multiple simpler illustrations instead of one big one. That would have made it a lot easier for me to focus on the basics instead of wasting bucketfuls of time on perfecting details when I don't yet have the skill to do it quickly.
RE: Raizin's Doodle Caboodle ♪
These look great! I wish I could sketch like that haha. What program do you use?
RE: Raizin's Doodle Caboodle ♪
I use Photoshop. :)
And in case you are wondering, I usually sketch with a black 3 pixel wide round brush with both size and opacity set to pen pressure. I find it simulates pencil enough to use most of my (rudimentary) pencil techniques with it.
RE: Raizin's Doodle Caboodle ♪
Ah okay thanks, I've been using the wrong brushes for sketches. I can never find the right one and my lines look too deep, jagged or just really fucked up haha. I'll try using that then.
The Illustrator piece looks really good as well, I haven't opened Illustrator since I've done vectoring but it can be really hard to get everything right haha. Props on getting it so clean :)
RE: Raizin's Doodle Caboodle ♪
Apparently my artistic eye has made crazy progress since I last did photo studies of faces, Like holy crap, I didn't know I could do this!

Here's a few value studies:

And here's the bottom one with a color layer and a slightly tweaked background for presentability:

The first two are from Google Images, and the bottom one is made for 10_CentPistol on /r/redditgetsdrawn. Here is the thread, with the original photo: [link]

I don't paint nearly as much as I want to, so it took a lot of time and some spots are a little rough. And I discovered I don't really understand hair, in terms of shape language (is that a thing?). But I get the feeling I would make a lot of progress, both in speed and skill and in making non-referenced pieces, if I keep doing this for a while. So I'm very glad I tried this!
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