Training ground
Training ground
Hello to everybody,

Pictures say a lot more of one's knowledge and aspirations, i read it a lot (laugh). In the past i did tons of guess-work, but i lacked with speed painting practices. NOW, its time to sharpen my blades! !
Actually, I'm used to use 2h for my speed painting sessions, but this may vary in future. I see already some time management progress, so.
My latest speed paintings: (always 2h)

sorry, i'm unable to display my other speedpaintings because a problem with dropbox.
RE: Training ground
Congrats on making the sketchbook thing :D First post looks solid! Let's see more!
RE: Training ground
Beautiful work! Love to see more :)
RE: Training ground
thanks for the welcome !

Soft bodies

Ha, this sounds like 3d-chat but i means for me a nice transition from light to shadow or from one color to another, or a mix of both methods - in other words a rendering of organic volumes. Coming from a background as wood sculptor i'm used to see things from a practical point of view, without a lot of licking, slow aesthetic methods.
But slowly i changed my mind, doing more painterly stuff, and now i see a great potential in this kind of technique. I'll do something more in 2h, next time.
Hope you like my nude-studies-dont worry, only for adults. ;p

the ref is from:

2h speedpainting.
RE: Training ground
I'm bored of all the character design!
so i did another stuff to change a bit. Always using 2 h.
I'm scared to do something in 10 mins or half hour-i cant help myself, but it is too destructive, i think.
I'm aware that destruction helps to level up, but it creates much more errors than good things, when the time is too short.

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