bianres still lifes
bianres still lifes
Hello guys! I want to start this sketchbook just for my still lifes. I think we can't ever skip this task because is so important and after a while, not so boring anymore. I didn't believe at first, but it's true when they say you can improve doing still lifes.

This one I did last year (from a photo):

and two still lifes I did last week, looking at my desk and things around me:

My goal is to paint as many still lifes I can, and not only from photos, and I would love to receive some feedback! Feel free to comment and give me some advices, critiques, everything to keep myself motivated to get better! I will post my new stil lifes here. If you wanna see the old ones, I have post it on my blog:
RE: bianres still lifes
The biggest advice I can give to painting still lifes is to paint from life, not photos. Then you learn more about composition, lighting and shapes. Composition - you set up the still life objects to create the best comp for the picture - you are planing ahead. Lighting - you are painting what you see in real time. The reflections move, the light bounces and you observe it all to create the most convincing piece. Shapes - you are looking at a real 3d object(s), not a picture that is flat and limited to only what there is.. There are other benefits too that I have noticed, and there is nothing better for improving than painting still lifes!
Keep doing more of these and please share!
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