Book of Peter
Book of Peter
So, lets see if I can regularly update a decent sketchbook thread without forgetting/abandoning/deleting it. I'm good at that stuff, yeah. For starters, progress on a small Netrunner-inspired portfolio piece. Lately I'm into cyberpunk stuff so the next sketches/wips will probably contain more androids/cyborgs.
RE: Book of Peter
Awesome Peter! :D Love how you rendered that piece! Maybe I'll make a sketchbook too..hmmmm :3
RE: Book of Peter
Yeah, cyberpunk is pretty awesome. ^^

You did a cool job rendering that! But I would recommend you look up some pictures of people blowing bubblegum, because the bubblegum does not really look convincing. For one, bubblegum is translucent, so it would not easily get such a strong and sharp shadow.

I look forward to seeing more of your stuff, so you better remember to update this thread! ;D
RE: Book of Peter
Yea, the rendering of the whole piece is great, the bubble gum is the point, on the rendered one it looks like some king of light in back, as Raizin said try looking at some references :)
RE: Book of Peter
update on the portfolio thingamajing. Thanks for the critique, always good to get some feedback:)

Also made a second Netrunner tryout. This one is an I.C.E. from Jintenki Corp. After this I'll do a hardware rig or an environment to round things up for my cyberpunk weekend:D
RE: Book of Peter
Worked on this Orcy gentleman in the Hangout.
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