Sparrows Nest
Sparrows Nest
I never got around to making a sketchbook on or anything like that so I feel this is a good opportunity to finally start one!

My name is Ben, I'm 21 and living in the UK and currently studying Digital Arts. I've been taking this stuff more seriously since about 2012, however I have always been drawing etc. since a young age. I work mainly in 2D but I've recently been exploring 3D too. I'll be uploading some early stuff from 2012 through to recent sketches, and I'll try update this as much as possible! So please leave some feedback/crits.

Peace Y'all.
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Here is my first digital self portrait from 2012
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hehe I took a break from some uni work last year and sketched this dude
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Another personal sketch I did in first year
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I went through a phase of sketching lots of mechs when I first got my intuos4, as you do. Inspired by Gundam
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My first environment sketch/matte painting thing. Didn't turn out quite as well as I imagined but had fun with this one. I was watching a lot of Naruto at this point as you can see haha
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Here is some work from my 2nd year character project at Uni. I wanted to do something a little different and perhaps unusual. So I was inspired by Amish culture to create a narrative where machines are taking over the world (cliche yeah) however the last civilization to fight back are the Amish. I just wanted to play off the tension of these people who oppose technology fighting against it. Now I'm definitely no writer so I won't get too into the story.

This was my initial concept. He was a bit too middle eastern looking and I ended up changing him a lot after some great feedback. I gave him an E.M.P weapon in theory to disable the machines. Yes there is a big plot hole here. Amish using technology against technology? I've still gotta get around that idea somehow, if anyone has some genius solutions please share them with me!

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I Like it! Nice of you to start a sketchbook : D
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Still working on the sculpt for that character project. This is what I’ve got so far. Zrbush is still pretty frightening to me but it is slowly becoming more comfortable to work with. I chose what I thought what a simplistic pose but rigging this thing has become the bane of my life… I think his ass and waist is hanging too low too
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Practising portraits while following Wojtek's Level Up sessions, check them out on youtube if you haven't already!
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Some sketches from life drawing sessions

RE: Sparrows Nest
Some life and anatomy sculpting

Just under Two hours with a life model

Created the base mesh in 3DS Max

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Shaun Mooney came to uni to do a demo on one of his workflows for drawing guns etc. so this was my outcome
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Some more sketches for fun, very anime inspired at the moment!
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Nuuudist Beach! I hope any Kill La Kill
fans can appreciate this one haha
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