Art of Colormate
RE: Art of Colormate
Thanks! You helped a lot, so really, thank you! :)
RE: Art of Colormate
Sorry I couldn't write a longer post, that up there was done during a game jam so I had no time ^^ I'll try writing a longer post tomorrow or something, to further discuss it, if you want to.
RE: Art of Colormate
Oh wow... I haven't put anything here in ages!

I've been working a lot lately, so let me say this right ahead: sorry for the huge post ^^;
Gonna post by order of what I've been doing if that's ok.

Again, these are only finished pieces, the sketches and stuff like that I'm keeping them out of here, hope that's ok :)

This one is a bit too dark. And that's an understatement! I tried prinitng this piece and (with the help of the printer settings) I could barely see anything lol

Commission for someone on deviantart. First try painting something detailed applying architecture...

2nd digital portrait on my entire life. Well, 3rd, but 2nd as a finished one.

Trying out some concept art painting with an hipothetical game project in mind...

My latest finished piece. This one was actually a good step for me since this is highly detailed and was completed in almost half the time I usually need.

This one isn't finished yet, but I'm planning to detail it a lot. It's up to 4 hours so far. There's stuff a bit off still in the composition though

In 3 weeks these were all of my finished pieces. I actually feel proud of myself considering how much I did. And I've done tons of sketches and digital drawings in between... woof xD

What do you guys think?
RE: Art of Colormate
Colors are improving man! You're going in the right direction!
RE: Art of Colormate
Composition as well! Last piece is very cool!
RE: Art of Colormate

My last 2 rendered works.

These have some weeks though. Lately I've been sketching a lot more than painting and rendering.

Feel free to check my sketches and stuff on my Facebook page or tumblr!I usually post everything there. I'll leave the links here if you're interested ;)
Facebook Page | Tumblr

Tell me what you think!
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