Art of Colormate
Art of Colormate
Hi guys!! I feel kinda weird being the first person in the "showcase" section of this forum... Feel liek everyone is afraid of procrastinating and I'm actually doing it ahah

Anyways, I always ask for comments and critics on my work but hardly people give them to me which makes me sad. Even to just say it's bad or good, people just dont comment :(

So, please can I get some comments in here? eheh ^^;

These are my best pieces so far...
Please consider that I only started Digital Painting in August/September2014, but don't held back! :)

Thank you
RE: Art of Colormate
woo! that water looks awesome! In the second piece there's a bridge, but first i thought the water was some sort of snow... but keep it up!
RE: Art of Colormate
Hey way to be the first man, good job :D yes, there's currently a lot more traffic on the site than before and people seem to give lets constructive criticism on each other's work. We're thinking about features to implement that might accelerate that, like a point system or mentorships.

Your work is definitely going in the right direction, the global values are good. I think the first thing that you could work on would be to increase your brush size. Currently most of your work seems to be made up by thousands of small brush lines, which makes it hard to create one point of focus. Here is a great tutorial with a small section on that topic:

Keep going man, you are worth the work ;)
RE: Art of Colormate
Ok, first of all: Great mood in paintings 1, 2, 3. Great colors in paintings 2,3.
In painting 1: The mood is great because it gives that sense of epicness, with a close-up warrior looking at the epic skies and mountains.
That was the initial idea, I suppose. But the problem is that the mountains.. aren't really epic. They are too hill-like and lack any shape. Also, there isn't much sense of perspective in the mountains scene. Sure, we got the close-up warrior and the far skies, but if we cut out the mountain section and look ONLY at it, it lacks perspective. The mountains far away are the same as those up in close. Why is that? Due to the lack of form the mountains have - like if they were more.. shaped, you could add these little trees or huge rocks being visible on the mountains up close and leave the mountains in the far without these stuff. That will give us a sense of depth. Also, lack of values between the mountains. Like, the first mountains should use a darker value and as we go further away from them, everything else should become lighter and more like a silhouette.
The skies are definitely epic. I mean, the high contrast between the clouds and the sun is really awesome. Why? Because contrast is usually a center point on a painting. And since we got the warrior looking at the skies, meaning, pointing at them with his eyes (people usually follow where a character is looking at) we look to the skies as the second main point of the painting (the first being the warrior). What's the minus though? For a main point, they take too little space of the picture. If were to zoom out a lot, they would even become not visible. You should probably increase the whole size of the sun and clouds. But there comes another question: do you want the skies to be the main focus point or the warrior? Either would be cool, but if you are to keep the small skies you would have to add a lot more stuff going on in the middle. So many mountains is so very blank. Another question: do you want the skies to be dark and stormy? Cuz right now they are. If you want normal, sunny, epic skies, you have to give them a lighter value since they are the farthest point in the painting. Think of the picture as layers of paper. You know those books which when you open have a cut out picture and then behind it another? Think of the warrior, the path down the mountains, every block of mountain and skies as such. And make them lighter as you progress further into the distance.
He's cool. I like that you decided to make him just a silhouette, adds contrast to the lighted scene and makes him a focus point. What he does lack though: anatomy, pose issues (the left hand is weird right now), any kind of shape - the spear is too big, the helmet is shapeless, the cloak doesn't really look like cloth.
Path + carriage guys:
Same issues as above. Although, I like how they move us in more to the skies, to the other focus point. A little design question: why are epicly cloaked figures going around with carriages? Most merchants don't wear such epic cloaks ^^

Some suggestions: look at a lot of mountain ref. Try to understand how mountains work. Find a similar picture to your painting and just use it as ref. After that, change some of the stuff to make it more fitting. Work on your anatomy, values, perspective and understanding of shape. Think of everything like blocks to make it more simple and later on add more shapes to it to make it complex. A mountain (a very complex form) is just a total of simple shapes. LOTS OF 'EM. Your colors are good, I'd say, at least in picture 2 and 3, 4 was a little bit too monocolored. Mood? You got it. And by that though, I do not mean you shouldn't work on those two as well, I'm just saying that what you need to do now is to get your other ... stuff, at a better level first. As for the shape issues, this guy explains what I want to say but don't have time to write down:

Well, that's it. If you want me to critique the other 3 as well, just say, although the issues are almost the same. Shape being the main one.
RE: Art of Colormate
Wow guys, thanks for all the comments! Really appreciate it a lot! Specially for those ref links you posted, they kind of give me some ideas for some practices

@Jorisvanleeuwen, Mentorships seem like a really nice idea, although I'm not sure that would work, cause there's a lot of people that dislike doing it for free, but it's a pretty good idea, and someting I would definately be interested in.

@Mephisto, dude I really loved your comment! Most of what I do is by instinct since I mostly learned everything by practicing and watching other people do it, so having someone say stuff like that about composition, focus points and so on helps me a lot! So, seriously a huge thanks to you man!
As for what you said, I completely agree with you in most points you mentioned. In the one you analysed (1) I was more focused on the mountains at first because I really wanted to feel the texture on them, and that is why the sky ended up being small. Why was I focusing on the mountains? I have been trying to stop using photo-bash in my works and trying to make my painting skills better and be able to reproduce something similar to a photo or to at least give the idea of the texture without using a photo.

In 4 and 2 I used a few pictures for the textures (on the mountains on both, and on the sky as well in 4). Although I find it easier to use photos to give some textures and then use them to paint over and integrate them on the paintings I feel that it is not as fun as painting it all the way. And for someone that is just starting I really want to be good at painting before being able to use photos. I hope this makes sense... That is why I lack on perspective and texture. I only started this year, so I'm a newbie ^^" But I will take all that in consideration nect time I paint!

Thanks once more to all you guys, I'm really glad I posted this here now haha
I'll post again as soon as I can :)
RE: Art of Colormate
Actually, I understand wanting to learn to be able to draw before photobashing and enhancing your painting/s with textures and such. Good idea.
Well, you know how when you focus on some far away object it becomes clear and the distance between your eyes and the object is blurry? That's how I felt the mountains were. I thought they were to be the bridge between the warrior and the skies. I assumed wrongly though ^^ If you want to focus on the epic mountains and add the skies to enhance the mountains and not vice-versa you need to make them interesting. In this painting by Albert Bierstadt, I think, we focus on not-too-fantasy interestingly shaped mountains. They are kinda regular, but THEY are the focus. The skies in this scene are only there to enhance the scene. What makes them a focus point? Their texture, the tiny rock details on it, the shapes (we got a sharp cliff and then soft grass hills and then to break the smoothness, another sharp cliff going high up to the skies, being all majestic n shit. Then we have some air in between the left and right cliffs to destroy repetitiveness and those that go backwards are left as silhouettes. The main focus in fact, isn't the whole mountain chain. It is just one cliff. That is why, you should focus on 1 mountain part and leave the rest be the "air". The rest of the mountain chain is no different then the skies - it will be there to enhance the one mountain part you chose. Because you can't have all the mountains be a focus point, that is like having the whole picture be a focus point... which, makes it an area really, not a point. Try repainting that artwork. Not overpainting, repainting. Without looking at the old one. Try to make it as a whole new painting but still keeping the idea of a similar composition, with a warrior looking at the mountains, skies behind, carriages, etc. Take your time with the composition and everything, don't rush into drawing. In fact, try drawing with only like 5 colors. Layer it down. Make it simple. And then add the details, trees, paint, textures, etc. Then compare it with the old painting and see if it turned out better. Drawing by instinct is.. rarely good. Being an artist involves a looot of thinking (coming from the mouth of one who doesn't think that much, but, oh well, we all should try). When you grow tired of thinking over one piece, stop drawing. Go do something else then come back to it and restart. Or, if you're already into the painting process go make some tiny details and such, they don't require much thought. Damn, I should write less.
RE: Art of Colormate
Yeah I actually thought of re-doing it before. Maybe I'll do exactly that!
And don't stop writting that much, you're helping a lot haha

RE: Art of Colormate
Well, if you say so. I'll be waiting for that update then, Colormate.
RE: Art of Colormate
A little update on the one we talked about so much.
It has been 2 weeks already but I have been doing somany things simoultaneously that I only advance it bit by bit every time I touch it ^^"

Still, I decided to apply some perspective and some color... Characters still to be added though

RE: Art of Colormate
I'll say, much better. Skywise improvement is huge. Mountains? I don't know not that much. Try working with perspective lines, draw the mountains not as silhouette shapes but as some kind of 3d form. Try to imagine them as Pyramids but a lot bigger. And then draw them. And then complex them a bit. Don't "flow" with it, don't paint by instinct, paint by thinking it. Does the mountain look real? Ask yourself that question. Then ask yourself "How do I make it more realistic?". Now, I'm not the one to give the answer cuz my mountain arts are NO good but it is important how you approach the matter. Then comes practice though heh. I will draw you a quick example, I need to get my fingers on a pen quickly anyways, too much school studying is making me crazy.
RE: Art of Colormate
a very quick example. What I mean is, think of the layers. Imagine the mountains as simple 2d flat surfaces, just silhouettes. Like made out of paper. Place them to get a feeling of distance. Don't rush into rendering so quickly.

and also, I would add some trees on the foreground or interesting cliffs to make the scene different. I tried adding a lake in between the mountains, didnt work out so well. Still, you get the idea. Add stuff! Destroy the lameness of just having mountains only. Unless you want that truly dead feeling but the scene doesn't look that way. If filled with stuff it might become more interesting.

RE: Art of Colormate
Oh yes, I was actually thinking of putting more stuff in it ^^ I actually sketched it out and added a few grass here and there, but since the purpose of this is to be a place that is freezing cold, adding so much would give it too much life haha

I'll work more on the realistic part I think... That's actually a huge advice!
RE: Art of Colormate
Grass is merely a texture. Trees in distance too. I'm talking about cliff shapes in the far stuff, epic lakes, and in the close.. grass, small stones, rocks, trees etc. And uu.. isnt it snow? Snow has no grass xD? but I guess semi-snow might be cool. Kinda tundraish.
RE: Art of Colormate
I'm glad to see some more people are starting to showcase eheh

I'm sorry I disappeared a bit from this site, life has been keeping me busy and write this much takes a bit of my time...
I ended up giving up on the last one since I wasn't liking it and I actually enjoyed the look it had (all messy painted like that) so I just stopped.

I did take some time to think about what you said Mephisto and apply it a bit.

Here's my last 2 pieces.

I tried applying some perspective and some more content to the last one. Some water falling and some fog around the water just to give some mood.

I know it's still not that much considering all the things you said Mephisto, but I think I'm improving (?) :)
RE: Art of Colormate
Awesome dude! Great improvement really! Lighting dude, you still got it.. and even better you advanced it a lot! Shape has advanced too but try to look at simple reference. Don't try to draw from real mountains in order to understand shape since they're very complicated, use another artist's blocky example of what a mountain could be, with the sharp edges and major shapes blocked out, much better for study. Real life studies are for polishing your skill and getting the further further art skill increase. Keep it up!
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