Art by Jeffro
Art by Jeffro
Here are some pieces I did for a game called Primulus. The game never made it past conception/alpha, unfortunately.

the idea was, you are with a team of people on a remote moon with an unbreathable atmosphere. you had specific research/repair goals to complete, and many difficulties such as danger of decompression, aliens, and fire. a shuttle would arrive after the time limit and you would have either won or lost.

here are some ideas I had for it:

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cool stuff ! :D
RE: Art by Jeffro
OK. Some points have to seriously go into Imagination and the fact you're not afraid of using references.

Using references to me always seemed like cheating but I have to agree sometimes applying them is harder than not using them. So you showing that you are not afraid of using is definately something good!

I would advise you though to try and integrate them a bit more on the rest you do. Per example on the 1st one, you can tell those guys are from reference. Or they're just not integrated in the environment you painted.

Anyways, really cool stuff you got here. Keep going!
RE: Art by Jeffro
So I ended up naming a star as a gag gift from my mum, but I think it;d be cool to write a scifi-fantasy story set in that star system. I named the star Lux Caeli, which means Heavenly Light. I imagine it as a medium blue dwarf star, cause blue is my favorite color. :D

anyway heres an image i made based on it :)
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