Live drawing sessions
Live drawing sessions
One of the tips I got but never followed is: attend model drawing sessions. Until about 3 years ago when I went to a art centre to take some classes. After the first frustrating sessions I realized it really helped to take my drawing skills to a next level (made some big steps in understanding human anatomy and proportions). I also got a motivation and inspiration boost from meeting people with the same interest (model drawing). But after a while I wanted more. Most of the poses were just sitting or standing and I never used them afterwards. A mate had the same feelings and we decided to team-up and organize our own sessions espacially for comic, concept and game artists.

And so recently we started to organize monthly live drawing sessions in Breda. The event exists out of two parts. First there will be an expert. Last time there was a sword master. He showed us his armour and weaponry. We learned some facts about armour (the only use a shield has for a Knight in full armour is preventing his armour is getting scratched), weaponry (most european mediaevil swords are lighter than you think and weigh ±1,5kg) but also poses (A treu knight never holds his sword with the point into the ground getting it rusty and blunt). Second part of the event is a female nude posing (last time with a sword but in the future this also can be guns etc.). Afterwards there's an possibility to buy a drink and meet the other participants.

If you're interested check out our facebook page: Schets sessie 2.0

Edit: wanted to post the sketches I made last time but don't know how.
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And if someone is far away I recommend
The idea is great man, and big cheers for initiative, i would totally be there if not the distance :)
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Wow great initiative! Sound really cool :D You can upload you images to and use the [ img ] tag to reference to that image!

Also, posemaniacs looks reaally awesome!
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Ooh, sounds like a blast! Unfortunately the journey there and back costs me more time and money than the actual event, even with my student public transport card. But I'll try show my face at least once to see if it's worth it. ^^

And if someone is far away I recommend Codaine
Yeah, I spent many many hours on that site. I love it!

For people that prefer photos over 3D models, there's also and I personally prefer the challenging camera angles from Posemaniacs over the more classic angles of these two sites, but if you want to do mid to long length anatomy studies rather than quick gesture sketching, these two sites are the place to be.

I just found out Pixelovely has those hands/feet and head/expression tools they promised ages ago! :DD *grabs his pencil and paper and runs off into the distance flinging his arms*
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I also can recommend

But trust me there's a big difference between a flat picture and a live model. So if you have the chance go for the real thing. Look for sessions or groups nearby it's going to be worthwhile.
Will look in to posting sketches tomorrow
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Mmmm... I've never done this, because I am really horrible at reference drawing. But if it really is that useful, I can see if I can come around sometime. I live in Breda, so...
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But trust me there's a big difference between a flat picture and a live model.- SSS
This is very much true! Drawing from life is generally better, and harder. It requires (and trains) more spacial insight, and you have to improvise more because both your model and your head can't keep perfectly still.

2D reference also has its benefits, though. Apart form it being a lot more accessible (9001 yays for the interwebs!), it also allows you to draw things that are very hard or even impossible to draw from life. For example, try asking a model to hold a pose like [this] (<-clickity) for more than a few seconds or so. And yeah you could use ropes or whatever, but then you wouldn't get the same tension of the muscles.

So basically draw from life whenever possible, but don't make that scare you away from the treasure troves of 2D reference that the internet has to offer.
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