PS paintbrushes?
PS paintbrushes?
Anyone who knows or has any nice paint brushes for photoshop? I'm searching the webs, but so far I'm still not satisfied with what I've found.
RE: PS paintbrushes? Here's a bunch of my most used brushes. Created some myself, some are scavenged from other artists brush sets. Happy painting!
RE: PS paintbrushes?
Yea, nice topic to share some brushes :) Catch mine, i mean not mine but the ones im using, just picked the ones i liked best :) Cheers!
RE: PS paintbrushes?
Thanks a lot!
RE: PS paintbrushes?
I just watched a video about a cool brush today :D
RE: PS paintbrushes?
I love this site were they post brush packs from the masters! I always find something useful there. Have to watch out that I don't download too much haha :p

And here's just one but very useful brush pack :)

RE: PS paintbrushes?
My best advice for anyone focusing on brushes is not to get brushes from other people on the internet, but try to study up on how to make your own and how they work in Photoshop. If you press F5 you get the brush settings where you can manipulate various behaviours of the brush.
It's very easy to do, it just takes some time.
You're not going to appreciate them if you don't understand how they work.
RE: PS paintbrushes?
My best advice for anyone focusing on brushes is not to get brushes from other people on the internet,- Icarox

I don't really agree with that. Yes, it is good to understand how the brush settings work (you can search for a tutorial online or just test different settings yourself). But it can be very helpful to use brushes that were made by other people. Sometimes you need photo's or textures to make certain brushes and it can take a lot of time to make it all by yourself. And besides that, because I understand how to make brushes myself I sometimes change already existing brushes to something that I find very useful. Also, you can learn from how people made other brushes.

So, yes it's good to understand how to make your own brushes. But it can also be very helpful to use brushes from other people!
RE: PS paintbrushes?
Agreed with both Bella and Icarox. Getting another artists' custom brushes works, but they will never work as good for you as they do for that artist. Quite simply, because you are unfamiliar with the intended purpose of the brushes and so you will have to invent your own purpose for them. On the flip side of that, you may get some very refreshing and surprising effects with brushes you aren't familiar with. Or, as Bella suggested, you can alter them to suit your own needs.

I think there's benefits to both making your own brushes and getting them from another artist and I would advise a good mix of both. Every artist has a few "go-to" brushes for the majority of their work and you'll just have to find out which ones those are for you.

Mind you, do not expect custom brushes to work wonders for your art. They are not a shortcut to better quality, as some beginning artists seem to believe. It takes time getting used to them and applying them properly just like any other new tool.
RE: PS paintbrushes?
Brushes help a lot, but i've learned from Artfx9 here that having a lot of brushes won't make u a better artist, there are some great works online + tutorials on them where you see someone using just the basic PS brush. It's all about your skill, and brushes can help you later to do it faster/more or less realistic - depending on what you want to achive.

About using someone else brushes, well... i guess everyone is right, its just how you prefer to work, im using some brushes i've made + some downloaded because I just loved how they work. But now I try to stick to just basic brushes learn perspective/lightining/mood and that kind of stuff, than move to other things like brushes/textures etc. (Ofc. i still use them, just not as much :P)
RE: PS paintbrushes?
I think the one thing I want to make clear is that when you select brushes and identify their qualities, what is it that makes you think this particular brush is good?
Your ability to perceive this comes from rigorous studying with simpler tools for a long time to build up an artistic body of knowledge.
With simpler tools that gives you predictable results you can proceed to do more things with less, instead of getting niche brushes adept to few things.

This knowledge then proceeds to inform your wisdom, and so when the time then comes to select a brush; it will happen very quickly and be mundane due to the fact that you know what you're doing.
And of course trying other brushes is good, but it can be tempting to experiment more than you commit yourself to actually understand your subject matter, and that can be a problem.
I think focusing on your artistic sensibilities is the very key thing, and it's something we never really master, not truly.

I'm sorry if I sound argumentative, I don't mean to!
I think googling for "deviantart + brushes" is a good way to find a swath of brushes. And when you are unsure if they're good, ask an artist that is actually good.
Or work on becoming that artist.
RE: PS paintbrushes?
Yea, well, that is what i mean by saying "basic brushes to understand, etc, after that you can use other brushes to have this faster etc." :)
RE: PS paintbrushes?
One fact about the internet regarding brushes is that there's always going to be arguments about them! :D
RE: PS paintbrushes?
Brush sets from pretty much the leading artists of the industry if you want:
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