Fuck, Again
Fuck, Again
ok so this bug occured or IDK

I had ~30 seconds left and I chose an image to upload, it was too big and the site gave me a window that said max 2048x2048 (I forgot to scale it down) so I opened the png fast and rescaled it to 2000x2000, I had -20 seconds left and when it uploaded it gave me a window -only .png / .jpg files allowed;

The File I was uploading -was- png so I saved it to jpg fast, tried to upload, the window froze probobly because the time was up, I refreshed the page and.. no more session.

Same thing happened to me before, when you try to upload something in invalid format and then it tells you it`s not png or jpg until you refresh;

My image looks like this, it`s a 2 hour Vehicle session with topic *Speed*

Can I pleaaaaase upload it under a random topic and state that the actual one is speed >>
RE: Fuck, Again
Yeah, sounds familiar. Normally I submit my images as soon as the regular time stops, but I had the same issue due to an unfortunate disconnect before. I just browsed other tags until something fitting showed up. Nobody lynched me yet, so you should be fine :D
RE: Fuck, Again
Injustice! Either way, the designs look convincing. The bottom one's perspective seems off though.
RE: Fuck, Again
cool ships!
RE: Fuck, Again
Hm that's unfortunate.. I really thought I had the bug fixed. Could it maybe be that the DPI setting was very high? That could make the file size too big to handle..

I just browsed other tags until something fitting showed up.- TIllHolder

Uploading under different tags is of course not permitted, but very hard to prevent. If any of you noticed a bug that made it impossible to upload your work in time, please send us the piece you've made within the specified time-frame via a forum post like Archon is doing now. I'll upload it to your account with the tags and duration that escorted.

When we have time we'll add something like an "out-of-time" icon to replace the duration so pieces that have not been finished in time can still make it to the site.

For now, when you happen to not finish your work in time (because you just didn't make it), you can always start your own Sketchbook in the Sketchbook Forum and upload it there!
RE: Fuck, Again
hah, thank you guys;
@longarm358 - yea, The perspective really is a bit off especially at the bottom but I can`t change it now x_X

@Jorisvanleeuwen - thanks for submitting that :P
RE: Fuck, Again
Dpi does not matter at all. It only matters with print sizes.. 2000 pixels will always be 2000 pixels :D And yes.. I think that might have been too big of a file.. since .png is quite a lot bigger than .jpg. File-size wise..
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