Concept art for 3D.
Concept art for 3D.
Just had this idea of maybe making a page where 3D modelers could request some concept art from here. I know quite some people who spend time around here and are just like myself more a 3D artist then a 2D artist.

This could be a great way for some aspiring concept artist to practice making concepts for actual models. Also great practice for Modelers who want to learn how to make something using only the design someone else provided. :]

I think that a 2D artist would also love to see his/her design come to life!
RE: Concept art for 3D.
ah that sounds great! yeah i think everyone would love that :D. but, do you mean to make another "topic", just like the "newest", or the ""populair? is a great idea though :D
RE: Concept art for 3D.
The problem with this I see is that 3d artists are also the designers, thus like modeling their own concept. 3d modeling also takes a LOT more time than 2d concepts, so usually developing your own ideas or a project is the most common. It sounds interesting, but 2d or 3d concepts is one thing and modeling is different. I do 3d modeling for a living, but enjoy concept art as a pleasurable hobby. They go hand in hand, but there is no way I want to spend hours and hours on somebody's else concept.

That's my point of view at least.. If you want to model something cool, you can always browse dA and ask the artists permission, and choose exactly what you want to model, not hoping that a request here will turn out the way you like it.
RE: Concept art for 3D.
I'm currently a student myself, and I still have alot of skills regarding 3D, I did a couple of design which a friend of mine sketched. while ofcourse there were some things I adjusted regarding the design we did have a great time doing that.

It's something I sure enjoy doing, while I also enjoy creating my own sketches into models it sometimes just doesn't turn out the way I'd like it to be.. and most of the designing part just goes on whilst I'm already making the model, resulting that it's never "really" like I wanted it to be.

then again, this was just a random idea which popped up in my head and I think it could be an awesome way to get some diversity within this community. :]
RE: Concept art for 3D.
I think it would be a great idea. I am a 3d Environment artist and at times it would be very hard to find concept art and request to 3d model it. I feel like it is much easier in a sense to request permission here than it is in dA. I know for a fact that there are many 3d artists who do not have the greatest 2d drawing abilities. When cgHub was still around i know it was easy to communicate with them as well. Its a very interesting idea for sure to have this
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