earning points?
earning points?
Hey, I thought it would be kind of fun to be able to collect experience or points or something. You could get points by following a session and uploading a piece, and perhaps even get point if someone liked your piece. (It might be useful to give like a limit on pieces you can like per week or something so that people won't just like everything of each other to give points). That way you can "level up" or something, become perhaps a silver or gold member/ get an icon before your name or on your profile page.

Perhaps it would also be fun if you could get achievements (which could give extra points), for example if you make 100 pieces or 5 pieces in a day or 20 likes on a piece or something you could get an achievement (or badge or something).

Anyway, just thinking of a way to stimulate more interaction and perhaps a little (friendly) competition in this cummunity. There were a lot of other ideas already that I also loved, so I'm looking foreward to what this site will become in the future.
RE: earning points?
Hey thanks for suggesting! We are still planning on adding gamification like this in the future, but we wouldn't want to overdo it. Achievements sound really cool. Experience points might be a bit gamy, although websites like do this really good.

We're curious to the opinion of you guys about the site getting to gamy if we'd add these features!
RE: earning points?
I would totally collect all the achievements. Even the ones involving drawing dicks. Especially those.
RE: earning points?
I like the idea and the scenario Peter mentioned sounds very exciting :D
RE: earning points?
I know this thread is old, but as a new member I'm just reading all posts right now. I second this game-like reward system. Sounds like fun.
RE: earning points?
We hear you! :D We still think this is a great idea too. In between all the other projects and work that we do, we're trying to fit in this and some other ideas for CAS!
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