New topic type
New topic type
Now we have character, environment and those, but sometimes i just want to draw a weapon or object. so maybe its an idea to make a misc. or object topic?
RE: New topic type
We've heard this idea before a long time ago! An Object topic might be a good idea.. at the time I remember we were discussing it replacing the vehicle topic, as it is used to least amount of times and we wouldn't want to have too many topics. We're curious to your opinion!
RE: New topic type
Maybe don't call it vehicle but use: 'Prop', 'Industrial Design' or 'Mechanical' instead ?
RE: New topic type
Oo no I don't believe that removing the Vehicle is a good solution ^^ Vehicle is awesome, there just aren't enough Sci-Fi artists here I guess... Nova, I believe that mechanical can also refer to "Robot" which is pretty much a character.

I was thinking that Scene is a bit useless - usually a concept isn't about a scene but more of a mood or idea. Scenes are for illustrations, and also, you can implement a scene anywhere you want, in Environment or Character, who cares if you add a story behind the concept you drew.
But it is good for Illustrations... so replacing it, isn't a good solution.

Making one more section for Props or Misc seems best but since this site is still in Beta I guess it could be implemented later.
RE: New topic type
Thanks for all the feedback! We'll add it to our list!
RE: New topic type
Yet still, weapons are a thing that is lacking but solo building concepts are too. Buildings don't really fit into Environment and Weapons fit nowhere. O and lets not miss Props like Torches, Signs, Thrones, Chairs, Tables, etc. How will you name a section that combines all these? And also, the tags for a section like this one will be pretty fucked up.. For example you get a tag for weapon and a tag for a prop.. What happens then xD?
RE: New topic type
Yes, that's why we should think about it a lot before introducing a new topic ^^ Adding too many options in the session's tool will make it less simple/recognizable in my opinion.
RE: New topic type
An architecture/ building topic would be great too :) Well you can call a building an object too.
RE: New topic type
It would be best to just leave it as it is for now I think. Yes Plymoore object is a good name for such a section but the Tag issues still remain :\
RE: New topic type
i would call vehicle prop indeed, instead of mechanical since, a sword or piece of rock isnt really mechanical
RE: New topic type
or object
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