Hour Display
Hour Display
Hey I just read what eev11 said
I'm not used to drawing any kind of sci-fi, male or rough looking characters.. But i tried. This should've taken me 2 hours but i actually only spent an hour on it. It's quite a rough sketch obviously.- Somebody

I think it would be good to display the time spent on a painting, *Time chosen* minus *Remaining Time until end* equals = *Display real time spent on a painting*.
The pros of this would be that people won't have to write down "I actually spent only 30 min on this 2 hour painting because I had to go" or something of that sort.
The cons are that some people could "cheat" and always pick 3h yet draw for whatever time they want. But since we are here to test ourselves, not to show-off with paintings, I think that no artists would do that.

What do you guys think?
RE: Hour Display
Because we are indeed looking to improve and test ourselves I think this might be a nice implementation. Then again I have only tried 30 minutes sessions so far, so feedback from more seasoned users of this site might show otherwise.
RE: Hour Display
i agree! but, how would you see that? i mean, would you think there's something like: made in 1 hour, 16 minutes, 32 seconds, or that but then as 1 hour and 1 quarter? and when you're working in a big company, they would've been happy if you're done early.
and what, if you would take the exact time, if someone uploads it 1 second before the end time? or 1 minute? says it then 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Though, i think people will quit their session easier then finalize it. because the pressure will be less. now there is ( at least, i have that a bit ^^) something like: aaah i don't wanna be awkward gotta finish it!!!... so i agree aswell with the "cheat" thing xD

Cool you have so much ideas :) Joris and Bella are talking the whole evening about the improving tags andso :D
RE: Hour Display
It's good to hear ^^ I love the idea of this site, always happy to help.

Well I was actually thinking to display Hour + Minutes, seconds are a bit useless.
And if you're early with 1-2 minutes I guess it can just display 1H 59M.
or wait , it could be like that: Chosen time here* and Time made here*
like: 2H: 1H 59M
or: 30M: 24M
But that is a bit confusing and too weird. Hmm. Maybe when you hover over it you can see Chosen Time or Time displayed.
1. Keep it as it is but when you hover over Hour to see the real time.
2. Change it to Real Time now and when you hover over it to display Chosen time.

But that way when you pick 3H and make it for 1H, both ways will still make that a bit invisible.. So it doesn't work that well. Maybe something like RealTimeTaken (1H 59M) with Huge letters and then in () ChosenTime with smaller letters. That way it won't be so confusing.
RE: Hour Display
Sounds good :) indeed, the last thing wouldnt be confusing.
i was actually asking myself of, why should we stop with drawing early? well, we gotta go or have something else to do. I always learned from Joris (when i played much starcraft) i gotta plan it. normally mom start's cooking around 6:30, so after 6:00 i can't start a new game anymore. the same goes for the sessions. i think people click the easy 1 hour or 2, and don't really think about the other things they gotta do. though, afcourse, there are people who do.
i get of topic ^^ i think it's a great idea, but there are a few disadvantages.
1. I think people quit earlier then they have previously chosen
2. I think i will be confusing for people who are very, very, very new on the site. then there stands something like: made in 33 minutes. and they think: "oh okay. awesome." and they dont know anything about the site yet. and then think: "what IF he did it in 1 hour but says something else? people probably cheat." and leave the site. and this might depend on your own body for that matter.

benefits are:
1. it doesnt feel superawkward (that's how i feel at least) anymore if you quit a session early
2. people know in what time it's made exactly and 3 quarter for a piece can be more impressive then 1 hour.

so yeah, that's what i think about it.. sleep well, im going off to bed ZZZzzzZZZzzz :D
RE: Hour Display
Wait what do you mean under "what IF he did it in 1 hour but says something else? people probably cheat." he can't cheat the system because he can't draw 1 hour and post it as 30 minutes. The timer still runs, all he can do is post it earlier, like draw 30 min but to have chosen 1 hour. I was talking about the fact that the person can cheat himself. He can't cheat others, but he can pick 3h and draw for 1h 30m. So that way he's lying to himself... but since people here want to test themselves I believe that they wouldn't do such stuff, only if they have to like.. go now.

Actually about quiting earlier than they have previously chosen.. I don't believe anyone would do that cuz everyone wants to use up all the time he has xD he chose it hehe. And planning it is what most people do, but there are always things who ruin your plannings >
RE: Hour Display
I like the idea! but i'm almost never done early xD
RE: Hour Display
Mephisto, i mean that's what people maybe think when they are for the first time on the site...
RE: Hour Display
Oo. Hmm, but. I don't know.. after they give it one try they should be able to understand it ^^ And if they give up so easily then they would have left anyways, after the first session, even with or without this addon. This site is hardcore! At least for noobs like me hehe. Drawing in a limited amount of time is.. Woah. Tough work.
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