Maybe it is a fun idea to add some option to also random between vehicle/envi/char etc with the random tags. for example 1st thing is a vehicle and 2nd one could be an environment
RE: topicsss
maybe also something that u can pick multiple topics, for example i only want a character or an environment so i check those 2 and pus the button and it will create tags only for one of those 2 things
RE: topicsss
Oh, you mean so you can let the site decide what topic you'll get tags for when you can't decide yourself. Yeah, that could be a cool feature.

The first suggestion of having tags from multiple topics sounds a little tricky to use. But maybe would work if you do it like this. You select you want to draw a scene with 3 tags, but you also want 1 tag for an environment (the background), and 2 tags each for two different characters. The tag generator would then output this, for example:
Scene: Scared ~ Battlefield ~ Evacuate
Environment: Banner
Character: Superior ~ Monstrous
Character: Admired ~ Attractive

If something like this would work properly it would be pretty awesome, but I imagine it's hard to make a system that would generate interesting combinations consistently enough.

But it makes me think, it would also be really awesome if similar to this you could choose to add a group of tags that's more about the art itself than about the subject, that is displayed under the actual subject tags. Such as:
Scared ~ Battlefield ~ Evacuate
Warm/cold hue contrast ~ Bird's eye view ~ Desaturated

RE: topicsss
That'd be pretty neat yeah...
RE: topicsss
The random topic was already on our list, it's a cool idea!

Combining topics though seems a bit complex to explain via the tool. We've added the Scene topic as a sort of a-bit-of-everything topic, where the tags can make you either draw an environment, a character or both.

We're a bit scared of adding to much stuff to the sessions that it'll brake the simplicity. Maybe someday we can add a "More options" button, but also then it would be hard to communicate the session settings in the published piece afterwards.

I really like the idea of subject-tags! We'll check out how/when we can implement this into the sessions!

Somewhere soon, we're going to add Study Sessions (a whole other set of session, some using photo's instead of tags), which will focus much more on learning than expressing. We'll be giving you guys more info about this later! We hope we can setup the site/community in such a way that the interesting part will be much more on how we teach each other to make better art rather than the quantity of options in the sessions. Though we do really appreciate all the ideas, some we really like as well! Keep em coming!!
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