Tag connection tool improvements
Tag connection tool improvements
A few months back I contacted the site's developers with a few suggestions on how the tag connecting tool could perhaps be improved. (For those that don't know it, I'm talking about that tool on the right over here: [link]) I'm sharing the ideas publicly so it maybe gives other people inspiration for even more or better features. I don't think all of these features should be implemented, but hopefully they will get your brain's gears turning.

Also, I want to let Joris know that as someone that often likes to do some tag connecting in his spare time, #1 on this list is easily my personal most anticipated feature for this site. It would make my life a lot easier. ;D

Anyway, here goes.

  • Option of switching out all unselected tags for new ones. This would make bigger and cooler tag combinations a lot easier to make. The Scene category could benefit a lot from this.
  • Allow users to choose categories (Character, Vehicle, etc.) to connect tags from.
  • Option for displaying more than 9 tags at a time. Not really necessary with #1 implemented.
  • A button that submits the selected tag connection, but keeps the same tags on screen to allow for other connections.
  • Weighting of new tags (and maybe ones with few connections) so they appear more.
  • Option of generating a list of all two-tag connections within the selected set, for hardcore users and/or admins.
  • Option for exceptions within the selected tags. Choosing a pair that does not get interconnected, but still get the connections with the rest. (picking such a pair would be easy combined with the above feature)

That's my original (slightly edited) list.

Since then I have also been thinking that some more variety in the connecting process would make the tool better and more fun to use. For example:
  • Show a list of two-tag connections, each with buttons for upvoting, downvoting and neutral.
  • If someone made a connection with a lot of tags, ask them which two-tag combinations they like the most within the connection
  • Give the user one or more tags for which they have to find more tags that go well with them. (for the given tags, use single tags or two-tag combos recently connected or upvoted by the user, such as those selected in the two features above this one)

Features such as this, especially the last one, allow for larger webs of interconnected tags. E.g. making connections Statue ~ Crumbling ~ Aftermath ~ Sacred, then Sacred ~ Statue ~ Fearsome ~ Lightbeams, then Sacred ~ Statue ~ Underground ~ Pillars ~ Mystery makes for a lot more possibilities than three unrelated connections, and they are all based on a connection the user liked (in this case many different combo's centered around Sacred ~ Statue) But apart from creating large webs around tag duos that users like, such interactivity based on the user's choices also makes the tool easier and more fun to use. Easier because the user has to make fewer mental leaps between connections they make when now and then the system allows the user to elaborate on ideas they already had.

Oh wow, this kind of turned into a big wall of text again. I have that habit. Hope I didn't bore whoever read this. :P
RE: Tag connection tool improvements
RE: Tag connection tool improvements
thank you for sharing, Raizin! We're also really curious to the responses of others!!
RE: Tag connection tool improvements
Option of switching out all unselected tags for new ones. This would make bigger and cooler tag combinations a lot easier to make. The Scene category could benefit a lot from this.- Raizin

Ah, I'm still very excited to implement this as well! So much cool stuff to do : D we'll re-discus to get it a bit higher on the to-do list!
RE: Tag connection tool improvements
That would be great!
RE: Tag connection tool improvements
By the way, am I right in assuming you made it so that every once in a while three tagsets of the same topic follow each other in a row? Or is that just confirmation bias?
It seems that happens a lot more than before I originally sent this feedback, and I remember mentioning it was a bit tiring to constantly have to switch your mindset between topics, so I thought maybe it was a feature you added because of that.
RE: Tag connection tool improvements
Sorry for reading this now! Thank god we now have easier notifications xD. Nope, the topic chosen is still very random! We want to add a "Choose topic" function later on but it has no priority over other features at the moment!
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