Private Messages
Private Messages
Well, it might be the case that a feature like that already exists and I'm simply too dumb to find it, but if not, maybe the option to send someone private messages would be a considerable idea, right?

For example to give someone more discrete feedback (omg that sounds so lewd) on a piece or whatever, so far the only way to contact somebody is either in a thread or via comments under a submission.

Don't know, only a suggestion. Keep it up, everybody!
RE: Private Messages
Hey thanks for the suggestion! We've got a Chat System on our Global Feature List. Would that solve the feature that you're missing?
RE: Private Messages
Actually a chat system would indeed be useful, but I think that the Hangouts will still live on because you also get to share your screen there.

I was thinking on proposing VMs/PMs but I thought you already had it on your list so I gave up on it. Like, you should be able to write a visitor message on the profile of some guy or a personal message which only you two can see. I've found such systems in many other sites (not only art ones) and it seems to work quite well.

This kind of a feature would make people more active and they don't have to necessarily talk about art in these messages or report feedback, they just get to.. uhm. Become friends or something, which also leads to more activity in the site, more art, more.. Leveling up.
Like, when you open some person's profile you can view their work right? Well, why not add like tabs on the upper part - one of them could be "Profile", "Friends", "Gallery" etc. You already have those, just make them available for other people to see or.. something like that, you know. And when you open his Profile tab you can view his "about me" thing and below perhaps write visitor or personal messages to the person. I'm not sure how you could organize the tabs to make them quickly accessible and enjoyable though. I'm sure you'll think it out, and if you don't know exactly how to make it, the community here will always be happy to help I think.
RE: Private Messages
We agree! CAS could definitely benefit from adding more functionality for the community to interact with each other. I'll add it to the list!
RE: Private Messages
First of all, thank you for the quick replies! One more reason for loving this site and its community :)

Yeah, I think the chat system should do the trick. In my eyes just something so that long feedbacks don't have to necessarily 'trash' the comment section or likewise.
I'll trust you, so far you guys did a wonderful job with this project :)
RE: Private Messages
Thank you! Keep telling us what you think ;)
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