Sketchbook Bug
Sketchbook Bug
now this might be really petty, but there's this thing I've noticed now and then:
when you open up a sketchbook, preferably one with many pieces, and you instantly scroll down to the bottom to upload or comment but the pieces further up couldn't load yet, when the images load and pop up, the position of the comment box you write in gets pushed away.
You scroll and try and center it again, but it gets pushed away again as soon as another of the pictures pops up.
Is there anyway to make it so that even as the images load 'off-screen', you stay at the bottom of the sketchbook?
Again, this is really petty, and maybe not the right thread, forgive me! :)
RE: Sketchbook Bug
I've experienced this trough multiple art forums. It's kind of frustrating but i haven't seen someone fixing it. Maybe a partial solution would be to add pages in the threads and limit the post per page to something like 20-30. This way at least you'll have lesser posts to load, because right now if you have 100 posts you'll have to wait for all of them.
RE: Sketchbook Bug
Hey thanks for the feedback! I also find it really irritating.. pages are a solution yes, but i think I'm going to find a way to automatically find and store the height of an image in the database, so the forum won't bump this way as it already knows the sizes. Putting it on the list!
RE: Sketchbook Bug
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