Rendered Piece
Rendered Piece
About the rendered piece button, I was thinking, maybe you should move it somewhere higher, like, on the left/right of the painting so that we can click it and see the changes happen before our eyes, instead of scrolling down, clicking it, and then back up. Also, I know you can just open the art and do it there, but in the opened art version there is a limit to the size of the paiting (it gets smaller).

A good example is this I want to preview it in the scroll down list, but I can't use the button as I'd want to. A good way to fix this would be: 1. Either placing Rendered Piece Version Buttons somewhere accessible, 2. Making a middle mouse click on the painting to open it in another window , 3. Making a left mouse click zoom in the painting (so that when it is opened in a new window it can be previewed fullsize, just like in the scrolldown part of CAS).
RE: Rendered Piece
Great tip! Thank you for taking the time to make a post about it ^^

For the paintover we already have such functionality in the bottom-center of the piece: But we agree that it is pretty hidden and should stand out more. As for the Rendered Piece, we never implemented that switch inside the piece as we thought the actual image-switch in the description would be close enough.

We're thinking about finding a way to make the bottom-center "switch" stand out more, and to implement it for the Rendered Piece as well.

Thanks again, let us know what you think :D
RE: Rendered Piece
Omg, now I feel stupid. How could I not see it? It's written with big letters there :x Goddamit. Also, may I ask about the limited size image when you're previewing it? Is there something I've missed there too, or is it really limited? Either way though, one can always open it in another window and zoom in. I think I should have named this thread middle mouse button since, that I think is the most important option to have. When you open Art Station you just go middle mousing all the arts you think might be cool and without such a feature to quick open an image it can get pretty annoying to open them 1 by 1. Right now the middle mouse button is that scroll down thing, which, I personally have never found useful, since people have mouse wheels for that. But it can still be kept by making it accessible only when clicking the grey field. Well uuh.. I kind of repeated myself. Just wanted to emphasize a bit on the middle mouse clicking option... It is the salt of the soup for art sites, so to say.
RE: Rendered Piece
The middle mouse button sounds like a really good idea, sorry for missing that one!

The reason piece-images are quite low-res in the popup view is about data-transfer.. our server simply costs more if we have more data to transer, so we are limiting it to the current resolution.

As for the middle mouse button, we could make it so that:
  • Middle-Click in the feed opens new tab with the piece popup (fullscreen with comments)
  • Middle-Click in the piece-popup opens new tab with the piece-image in full resolution

Do you think this is good? Or should middle clicking in the feed also open a new tab in full resolution?

Thanks again for all the feedback !!
RE: Rendered Piece
Resolution is fine. The only site which has awful resolution is Facebook.
Image maximum size is fine.
I'm talking about this: when you open an image there is like a height and width limit on the preview screen thing, and if the image's Width:Height proportions are A lot:Very little or the other way around, the image becomes very small in order to make it fittable in the preview screen. So far so good but there is no zoom in option. Only way to view the image in it's full size is to Open it in a new window tab, but for some reason this option doesn't work so there is really No way to view the image up close at 100% unless you download. One way to fix this would be to either add zoom or increase the width and height limits when you open a single image (move the title higher, tags lower, and so on to get more space free).

RE: Rendered Piece
Ah I think I understand now.. Let's say clicking the image opens the image fullscreen like this: By clicking again the fullscreen will close. Is that what you mean?
RE: Rendered Piece
What I meant:

The awesome idea you gave, which I believe SHOULD be there since it's unique and a lot quicker than what we do in most art sites (right click the image, open in new tab, etc.):

In words, since, now looking at it these images are a bit confusing, under middle mouse click I mean --> what happens when you click middle mouse -> in art station - opens new tab, single image with comment and like and all these sections. In cas right now - opens the scroller cursor which is.. pretty useless I think. Besides, if you want it, you can make it accessible when middle clicking the grey fields on the left and right parts of CAS. Middle click should be = Left clicking an image BUT keeping the tab you have opened now. Plus, middle clicking an already OPENED image (like left clicked) would = opening the image out of CAS (so that you can zoom in and out).

Sorry I wrote so much to explain this simple thing.. I guess I'm not good with explanations .. Uh. Yea.
RE: Rendered Piece
Haha okay! I think we have a few actions here that we can state:

In the feed:

  • Left Click: Open popup-with-comments
  • Middle Click: Open popup-with-comments in new tab

In the popup-with-comments:

  • Left Click: Open fullscreen-image
  • Middle Click: Open fullscreen-image in new tab

In the fullscreen-image:

  • Left Click: Closes fullscreen-image, going back to popup-with-comments
  • Middle Click: Open fullscreen-image in new tab

Does that sound right to you? Great to hear you are excited !!
RE: Rendered Piece
Yeaaa, that's what I meant xD Sorry it took so long to explain. Popup-with-comments? Is that how it's called? Ok then.

About the last point though, what if the image is larger than 1280x1024 (like 2k x 2k) - then left click = zoom in google usually. Besides, why would you need to open the fullscreen-image in a new tab, since it's already opened (middle click)? Maybe there's no need for middle click in the fullscreen-image at all.
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