Pause a Session?
Pause a Session?
This is something easy I think... I' m actually not sure if this already has been asked, because I didn't read all the suggestion-threads.
Is there a possibility to pause a session? For example, I have a quick 30 min session and suddenly i have to interrupt my work due to some reason, whatever this might be. In a 30 min session I can't go away for 10 minutes... So my suggestion would be to add a "pause"-button to the CAS-timer or the website timer (or both), where i can pause the session for a limited time (maybe 15 minutes or so).
I didn't finish a few sessions when i had quite cool tags but i was like"oh man i can't go on toilett now, I have to finish this, there are only ten minutes left..." :D
If I pick one hour session instead, I would lose the "training-effect".
So these are just my thoughts, but I hope this is helpful in some way. :)
RE: Pause a Session?
The problem with this is that some people might abuse it to get more time. Pause it to draw some more, you know. Normally you shouldn't start a session if you have stuff to do, or just do them as fast as you can (like calls, sudden hunger, etc. Unexpected stuff).
RE: Pause a Session?
Hi Lukas, thanks for sharing the idea! Though we do agree with Mephisto here.. the idea has been suggested once before. In short, the actual duration spent on a piece would be less transparent for the community with a pause button included.

We do want to encourage you to start a sketchbook on the forums and leave your "failed" sessions there! And don't hesitate to post ideas like this here ;)
RE: Pause a Session?
Okay, sorry.. I didn't notice that the thread already existed. And the honest soul that I am has not thought about cheating... ._.
In future, I will make sure that there is nothing other to do :D
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