Prop design
Prop design
Hi everyone. I'm living in Canada and doing a study for Classical Animation. The people in the industry tell us we will start out as prop designers (most likely). So i was thinking, wouldn't it be a good idea to have a prop design option next to the other options? I would love to focus on the props. what are your thoughts?! :D
RE: Prop design
That's a good idea.
RE: Prop design
I'd love to see this!
RE: Prop design
I was actually recently wondering why this wasn't a thing allready.
RE: Prop design
I agree this should be there.. Added it to our to-do list. It will take a while before it has as many tags as the other topics though xD
RE: Prop design
Well, you have to start somewhere!
RE: Prop design
It will take a while before it has as many tags as the other topics though xD- Joris
Did someone say tags? :P I could help with that. (For those that don't know, I'm responsible for roughly 2/3 of the 3000+ tags on the site.)

Although a lot of them will probably be existing tags, such as shapes and materials. So we would also need a way to add existing tags to the new category.
RE: Prop design
Great to see people are exited about this! :D thanks guys
RE: Prop design
This might be one of the most useful sections!! thanks UnRick for bringing it up! ;)
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