Upload Time suggestion
Upload Time suggestion
I think that the full 30min, 1hour, and 3hour time blocks should be used for just focusing on making the artwork, and you should be allowed to use all of that time. As of right now for the 30min I really only have like 25min to actually paint and I have to allocate 5min for the saving/uploading process. I feel like I should actually be putting the final touches in my painting during that time instead.

What I am suggesting is that there is and extra/secondary timer to upload your piece. Like an added 5min at the end of each session just dedicated to the saving and uploading process so that we can use our full time in the main session. So we can let the first timer completely run out, and then use the secondary timer to upload our work.

This is probably more of an issue for the 30min and 1hour versions, but I think it could be implemented in all three time variations. Especially when 5min of 30min is quite a large chunk of time.

Thanks for reading!
RE: Upload Time suggestion
Hey Zanben! Right now there's 5 minute extra upload time. It's not weird that you didn't knew about this. We didn't note it anywhere which is not handy actually...we should fix this. Thank you for your suggestion and feel free to share more ideas or feedback on the site! :)
RE: Upload Time suggestion
Oh, well I feel silly now! :) Thanks for letting me know! :D
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