The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls
So I was thinking about 2 things:

The javascript:void(0) button that appears on the bottom right corner when you scroll down takes you up very slowly and it blurs the monitor, it's kinda unpleasant to click, I just use the scrollbar instead. It's faster anyways. Why not just make it go instantly up?

Also, the only reason to need this button is because the "Home; Public Gallery... Best of the Week... Active Sessions... registered users" and so on doesn't travel down as you scroll down for paintings. Why not just make it slide with your screen as well?

edit: Instead of starting a new post I decided to edit this - so how about when opening the gallery panel and hover over an image it goes to actual size so you can see it better without having to open it? You can look through paintings much faster that way. Will this consume too much space though? For the site?
RE: The Elder Scrolls
Thanks for the feedback!

I implemented the instant back-to-top right away so we can see if it's an improvement, I think it is ;)

Having the right menu part fixed on the screen is more difficult though. Not all screens are big enough to display all of the content.

Do you have an example of a site that has the functionality you describe in your edit?
RE: The Elder Scrolls
I actually thought a bit about my edit post, I don't think it's a good idea anyways, so just forget I said anything.
Regarding different screens.. Well if they can't see it (best of the week and so on) what's the problem with it scrolling down with the user for Large screens like PC and so on? It shouldn't change the way small screens view the site, I think. The only problem I see with this would be: A. Too much work/Too hard to make (I wouldn't know) B. Makes the site more complicated, thus making it cost more, etc.?
RE: The Elder Scrolls
Sounds like an idea, only enabling the feature when the screen is high enough. We'll add it to the list, but don't expect it to soon as Isabella and I are currently in the final weeks of another personal project! ^^
RE: The Elder Scrolls
I wasn't expecting anything at all actually :D Just throwing ideas here right? You decide whether to take them or not.
And just a quick question, as my mouse middle button isn't working, when opening the lil Notifications tab can you middle-click the stuff to open them in new tabs? Since clicking them one by one is annoying, as you have to go back to the page and, oh, they are no no longer "New Messages" meaning you gotta know which ones you've viewed and so on.. not a big problem really, just.. can always be better.
RE: The Elder Scrolls
Yes middle clicking the notifications will open them in new tabs :D
RE: The Elder Scrolls
Damn. Wish my middle button was working.
RE: The Elder Scrolls
This is my favourite game series made by the great guy Todd Howard! Glory to Bethesda softworks. We did a lot of reviews at for different members of his company, so I can say that we took the part in developing process a little bit! Yes it sounds funny!
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