How about merging the Tips and Tricks and Tutorials forums? They seem pretty close. Sometimes people send tutorials on the tips and tricks..
RE: Merge?
We agree! We've merged the two threads to a "Tips, Tricks and Tutorials" forum :D
RE: Merge?
And.. uhm. Can't people showcase portfolios from their Sketchbooks :D? Don't people just use the Image links on another site? Instead you could add a forum for contests, most art sites have something similar.
RE: Merge?
Do you mean we should add "& Portfolio's" to the "Sketchbooks" forum, and add another forum for contests? :D would you organize such contests? 0: D
RE: Merge?
Yea, something like that. But what type of contests - weekly friendly, like in Sycra's The Arena forum which aren't judged or anything or ones that have votes for best piece, are hosted like, once per month/per two months? Or maybe both? I wouldn't mind hosting friendly weekly ones, but usually official ones are hosted by a site's owner.. It's more official. And of course reputation or stuff like that are put in as rewards (we've already discussed that and it's pros and cons though).
RE: Merge?
We could start out with friendly maybe? You could also give the contests a name, so it's not the "CAS content" but something a bit more sidetracked, a thread per contest maybe. We could also put a picture/banner on the right side of the site to give it a bit more exposure in the first few rounds ;)
RE: Merge?
That would be cool. I think anyone should be able to host contests, like, one could host stuff like "Anatomy challenge", another Design challenge, Environments contests, etc. Or maybe we shouldn't split them like that. Not sure. I'll try to think of a name for the contest, first themes and so on. They'll be pickable;voteable of course. A more freestyled contest would be best as first one probably.
RE: Merge?
So, I'll be gone for like 4 days or so, do you think you could set up an Arena forum until then? When I come back I'll get right to drawing some PromotionalLikeArt for a Contest and make .. the first Contest I guess. Could be cool.
RE: Merge?
I've setup a forum called "Contests" in which everyone can create a thread and start a challenge/contest. Also made it so that all existing users automatically get notifications when a thread is posted (they 'follow' the forum). Excited to see what comes out of this :D
RE: Merge?
Great! I'm back now, and hopefully will be able to host one. Sounds exciting!
RE: Merge?
Maybe you can host one after this Friday.. then people can "focus" on submitting a session for the 50th Best of the Week :D
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