Support for mobile devices?
Support for mobile devices?
Hey guys,

I can't say it enough but I love the website. I love it so much that I wan't to check stuff out on my phone when I am out traveling. However when you click on an image from the home page you can't really see the comments or zoom in or out or actually do anything. You can only switch between paintovers.

So are you guys also planning on some support on mobile? I can imagine this stuff isn't really high priority but maybe something for later?


RE: Support for mobile devices?
Wooow! that would be very cool! mabey they are gonna do something like it, i said something in that way earlier...
RE: Support for mobile devices?
We'll... it IS on our list xD But it is also a lot of work.. and with the new features and changes being added every 2 weeks it doesn't feel as efficient to develop the mobile version parallel to the PC version. We're still learning so much from what we are making! I really want to make it some day though, or give the work to someone else!
RE: Support for mobile devices?
Cool thanks for the info. Don't rush man. One step at a time XD
RE: Support for mobile devices?
This reminds me, I was thinking a while back that it would be pretty awesome if there were a dedicated CAS app. One with a CAS timer functionality, but also for tag submitting and connecting, stuff like that. Basically a little CAS toolbox for on the go.
Maybe also support for uploading sessions with via the phone's camera, for people doing traditional (i.e. non-digital) art.

But that's something to think about a lot later.

Back on topic, the site is mostly functional on a mobile device (I uploaded a session from my phone once), but a little extra support would be nice down the line.
Also, last time I checked tag connecting works, but it's several times slower than on the PC. Maybe client-side calculations of the current system are too heavy for the mobile processor? Or is it just a compatibility issue?
RE: Support for mobile devices?
Yes CAS is pretty heavy client-side, mobile browsers have a hard time running javascript. When the time is right we'll think of ways to not duplicate the site with better proportions, but try to make an app with user interfaces that embrace the touch platform!
RE: Support for mobile devices?
how big is that to-do list? i expect its kinda huge? xD

RE: Support for mobile devices?
Its big. :D
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