Pause button?
Pause button?
Hii everyone, I thought maybe it was a good idea if there was a pause button.
Sometimes you just have to do something really quick suddenly, or get some food, or your tablet stops working randomly (one of my problems D:).
RE: Pause button?
haha, I think about this every time I do a session, but I think it will be exploited, and defeats the purpose of the session itself.. free time before you do a session or take longer time. it's not a race, it's practice.
RE: Pause button?
well, it would be pretty cool as a function which you can enable. But otherwise it would lead to ....'prolonged' sessions. But if you are disciplined, it would be actually quite useful. Hmmmmmmmmmm.....
RE: Pause button?
The only legit concept of a pause button I can think off, is having you keep your mouse on a window open on the site to keep the pause active, so you cant just minimize while paused and keep working.. if that can be done.. hmm.. meh.. or a cooler idea would be just to prolong the session as you go.. for instance you have a great idea, but run out of time, you switch to longer session on the go..
RE: Pause button?
Switching to more time would be pretty useful indeed ^^
RE: Pause button?
Yes I thought about people continuing there drawings too. But I also think that this site is really to improve and if you pause and then continue drawing it's more negative for yourself? I'm not good at explaining haha XD
RE: Pause button?
No, taking pauses during your painting is actually very good, cause you can see mistakes easier.
RE: Pause button?
That's true! but I meant if you continue drawing while you paused. That it is sort of 'cheating'
RE: Pause button?
exactly, and that's why there is not a pause button on the site. xD
RE: Pause button?
Then maybe that extra time button would be a better idea ;0
RE: Pause button?
Extend Time button would get my vote.
RE: Pause button?
I can hear Joris sigh from over here.. xD
RE: Pause button?
I also support the idea with changing duration button! It won't be a cheating, if you just change the duration from 30min to 1 hour or more, but within the existing options only.
RE: Pause button?
An "Extend Time" button might work, but being able to pause the time kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me :P You could also just finish it as far as you can within the given timeframe, continue afterwards and upload an overpaint.
RE: Pause button?
True, but it's always nice to see the main image as you intended, and seeing how very few people actually post their finished work as paintovers, maybe an option to have more time would encourage them to actually spend the time and finish it.
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