Unlimited time
Unlimited time
So i recently wanted to paint something but didn't know what and so i had the idea, what if you implemented a system where the time counts up, you still get your tags and once you upload it just replaces the time limit with the time you actually worked on something. Just a thought.
RE: Unlimited time
RE: Unlimited time
well i didnt see that thanks
RE: Unlimited time
Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I think what Artfx9 means by sharing the link is how it might soften the advantages of the time-pressure in the same way as described in that thread, and I agree. In this case we're also afraid that having the timer count up instead of down will bring the focus too much on showing how fast you can work instead of learning to work with boundaries.

We are thinking about adding an entire day as a duration, which could solve your problem of just wanting to paint something without having to deal with a time limit. A day is probably too long for the average artists to use ALL of their session time for painting.. so of course it'll be OK to leave your "real" painting time in the description, but we don't think the site should put it any more upfront as the shorter sessions might lose their value.

Again, thanks for sharing the idea! We're still learning from what we are making so we're always open for more feedback on these topics!
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