Choose time limit after tags
Choose time limit after tags
The pause button and unlimited time threads made me remember an idea I had the other day. While picking tags for a session one time I stumbled upon tags that sounded interesting to do, but I did not feel like tackling it within the time limit I had selected. This made me think, what if you had the option of picking your time limit after you get your tags?

You're still practicing working within a set time limit, but now instead of being stuck to it before you even know what you are going to draw, with this system you need to estimate how much time you need and then stick to your decision. Instead of "how much time do I schedule for practice" it becomes "how much time do I need to effectively communicate this idea I have." A skill that I think is more useful in the working field than the former.

As I envision it, this feature would be an extra button next to the time limits when you set up your session. When selecting it, as soon as your tags are shown to you the four time limits pop up again and you can choose one to commit to. To prevent trouble with misclicking it may be better to give people a small timeframe to change their pick, but the idea is that when you commit to a time limit there's no turning back.
If people don't pick anything I'm thinking it may be best to default to 3 hours. You could lower the default to 1 or 2 hours, but it may not be worth the chance of really screwing people over when they think they picked a higher time limit but forgot to click.

Hopefully people think this is an interesting middle ground between the current system and one where you can pause or add more time as you do your session.
RE: Choose time limit after tags
Sounds cool ! What do you think about only having 1 minute to decide though? Else it wouldn't be much different from a "extend time" button..
RE: Choose time limit after tags
Oh, I guess I didn't mention that. I thought as soon as you get your tags you get a short time to choose. I was thinking one minute as well, but it might be worth considering people that want to thumbnail a little before choosing.

I guess once that timer is up and the user has not chosen you could either automatically pick a default time like I mentioned int he previous post, or let the session expire altogether. Of course if you choose the latter you would have to make sure the user understands the risk of forgetting to pick your choice. Something like a big red timer counting down should help give them a clue.
RE: Choose time limit after tags
As long as it works, choosing the time last would be kinda cool, BUT I don't think it matters that much, as you can basically refresh the tags to get the one you wish to spend the time you have..

I think all the session details should be in one window with a timer - of 1 min for instance..
RE: Choose time limit after tags
Sounds interesting! We'll discuss it for a bit.. be sure to post extra idea's on this topic here!
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