Some ideas
Some ideas
Hey guys,

I am just writing down a few ideas which came to my mind, don't know if they are good or doable :)

- Themes for the tags:
It would be cool if there is an option to select a theme for the tags you get. For example you choose character, 1 hour, 2 tags and then you could also choose one of the things like "fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, realistic, oriental etc." It would of course be important to come up with good categories. This should be optional, so you can still do it without.

- Browsing a user gallery:
In the gallery of one user, if you click on one of the images, it would be nice to have a next/forward button to go through all the images in the artists gallery in the big view.

RE: Some ideas
The viewer part of the gallery I agree with, but the themes not so much or it is still unclear for me. Wouldn't that mean that everyone is just going to stick to 1 theme all the time. for example I like sci-fi, I would click that theme all the time because I like it and it wouldn't let me variate that much if you know what I mean :)
RE: Some ideas
I agree on the gallery, that should be useful. Optional tags to choose for the user seems not effective, though you can say you can choose from 10 tags only. Refreshing 10 tags will have a wait time of 10 minutes orso. So it's not that limited like automated tags and you will have more freedom if you start to make something form the 10 tags list
RE: Some ideas
As for the tag themes, I think the tags are generally vague enough. For most tags you get you could just decide before you start your session that you want to draw something sci-fi and adjust the concept accordingly. Not that it would not be handy to have tag categorization, but I would rather add a differentiation between indoor and outdoor tags for environments, or something like that.

Which makes me think, it would also be really cool if you make categories for atmospheric tags (macabre, love, moody...), personalities (cheerful, wise, playful...), professions (doctor, engineer, performer...), and such, and then allow users to mix and match how much tags they want from each category. For example you could do a character session and select you want 1 profession tag, 1 personality tag, and one random tag from the remaining categories.
I'm thinking it might be hard to get it to work with only connected tags, so allowing non-connected tags to appear together in this mode (albeit less commonly than connected ones) might be a good idea. Maybe make it an option users can turn on and off via a simple checkbox.

An option to allow non-connected tags to appear together might be a good one in general. Make it an optional challenge for people that like to stitch together tags combinations that are hard to work with.
RE: Some ideas
We fully agree with the next/previous button in the piece browser.. it was already on our to-do list, but we'll check if we can put it bit higher up there! It's a bit of a question to what pieces you would navigate when you view a popup of a piece in the Public Gallery. Do you guys think it should go to the next piece of that artist, or the next piece of the Public Gallery?

As for the tag-themes, we agree to what Raizin says at the moment. We feel like it could be a part of the challenge to create something out of the tags in the theme you want, it might get too complex fast if too many options are involved.

We are interested in labeling tags as verbs/personalities/moods etc. to enhance the performance of the tag-generator. We could do stuff like making the Scene topic only output tag-sets with at least one verb in it.

An option to get non-connected tags sounds cool. We like it because we think clicking it will make artists accept weird combinations more quickly as they made the decision themselves. We could put it under a buttons such as "Enable Weird Combinations".
RE: Some ideas
I would say it should go to the next piece of the public gallery.
RE: Some ideas
I agree, I think the next piece in the gallery would be more intuitive. Unless you mark the buttons with "more from this artist" or something like that.

Enable Weird Combinations is a great name! You could also consider making unconnected tags a bit more common than connected ones with that option on, but even without that I guess the tagbase might already be sufficiently large enough for weird combinations to be common.

Using tag categories to assist to tag combo generation sounds like a great idea, too. You could maybe also make it a little harder for the generator to give multiple tags of the same set (e.g. have a lower chance of getting Wise and Brave together) to give the system a higher chance of putting out varied tags. E.g. you have more chance of getting a personality and a tool or weapon together than two personality tags or two weapon/tool tags, even if they all have the same level of tag connection. Not sure it that would be worth the effort, though. Just thinking out loud.
RE: Some ideas
I was just thinking, the tag categorization could maybe also be really useful for that menthorship feature you guys are planning. A menthor could give someone an assignment to make 3 environments with mood tags, for example.
RE: Some ideas
Hmm, is it not possible to have a little chat window? I think it would be nice to have some chat.. no? Or does that beat the whole purpose of a forum based website? Dunno..
RE: Some ideas
We do have a chat system on our to-do list, but pretty low prioritized at the moment as it is a lot of work. Some day we'll add it, but not in near future unless you guys think the CAS needs it sooner!
RE: Some ideas
Today I was actually thinking of perhaps making a general chat thread on the forums. To make a place you can say stuff you want to share, but you don't think it's worth making a new topic for. We could do something like that until we have a real chat system.
RE: Some ideas
or an external chat hub? with just a link to it from this site. for now.. maybe
RE: Some ideas
An external chat system sounds like a good idea but I think we'd rather have a chat thread on the ideas suggestions forum, just to get some discussions rolling internally. We actually like to have a bit more rules on the forums so the threads will stay a bit more on topic (and new threads will be created for each new topic), but I feel like the community isn't big enough yet to demand such behavior.
RE: Some ideas
Sorry, Ser.. :D
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