What do you guys think about organizing a google hangout, where we can well.. hang out, goof around and make studies or sessions more pleasant. Being in contact with other artists is pretty important, I think, and I know we have some pros around here so they might share their wisdom in those too.
RE: Hangout?
Sing me up! It's a great idea and could help to get to know each other in the community:)
RE: Hangout?
Yeah, I was thinking about streaming some stuff, but this sounds good as well. I'm in.
RE: Hangout?
Assumzaek i think the best way is just start the hangout, post the link, and everyone who want to come is welcome, even if we sit in 5 people it will still be fun, and we can learn from each other
RE: Hangout?
Well, at least what day and time could it happen?

Also, will we be doing soberpaints and drinking vodka? xD
RE: Hangout?
I'll start a hangout tomorrow at 20:00 GMT+2, me thinks. Will do some personal art stuffs and Glenkichie whisky will be my weapon of choice. I'll post the link here. Live free, draw hard!
RE: Hangout?
:D You can do whatever you like in there I guess. Basically from my experience the best option is normal hangout without streaming to youtube (it's pointless anyways). And I think as long as people are entering regualarly the room will be sustained. As far as time, well I don't know, I usually can tune in in the night, so that's around 12:00 PST I think, but it doesn't matter because the idea is that you can be able to find someone at almost any time on the hangout
RE: Hangout?

...seriously.... we'll just get to know each other in case we're in the same town someday so we can drink vodka xD... and talk about paintings and stuff.... MMmmmmm stuuuuufff xD

P.S. I actually don't even know how this hangout thing work xD i dont have Google+ or anything, but i like the idea :P
RE: Hangout?
You basically need a google+ account and then if you're on chrome, when you're connecting to the provided link it will promt you to install the hangouts plugin and that's it. Pretty simple.
RE: Hangout?
As for the amount of people I'm not sure what the limit is exactly, but maybe something like 10? So if there are like a lot of people we might need more rooms, but I think we'll have time until we reach such point.
RE: Hangout?
Ohh ok, ill just set up my google+ now and wait for the link :D
RE: Hangout?
If there is too much people we can make little group rooms with topics or something and people can switch around, or consider streaming..
RE: Hangout?
Yeah I guess. Btw what is the time in your place guys, just so I can get a general idea
RE: Hangout?
Peter, that time sounds great. Link here when it's live plz..
RE: Hangout?
GMT+2 for me. just post any time, there is a timezone converter on google search
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